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Free workshops to raise OHS awareness

Thursday, 22 September 2011 ( #532 ) - Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Tom Phillips, head of the SafeWork SA Advisory Committee.
Tom Phillips, head of the SafeWork SA Advisory Committee.
More than 60 free events are taking place in Safe Work Week 2011, South
Australia's major awareness event for occupational health and safety scheduled for late October.

The sessions have been tailored to meet the needs of employers, employees, OHS professionals, contractors, business owners, OHS committee members, health and safety representatives (HSRs), rehabilitation and return to work coordinators, risk advisors and HR personnel.

Topics range from cyber bullying and safety culture, through to conveyor safety and risk management, with a large number of sessions helping people to understand the
model Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws starting in 2012.

Industrial Magistrate Stephen Lieschke will have a key role in two of the highlight events of the week. He will oversee proceedings at a mock OHS dispute which follows the official opening on Monday 24 October. He will also preside over the mock industrial court trial to be held at the Space Theatre on Friday 28 October.

"The general public tends to think of workplace safety as business as usual until something goes wrong," says Tom Phillips, head of the SafeWork SA Advisory Committee.

"What they don't realise is the thought, negotiation, planning and hard work that often goes into finding workplace hazards, fixing them and making sure everyone is safety-conscious.

"Safe Work Week 2011 is about informing, empowering and inspiring those who have the responsibility or the interest in making workplaces safe, showing what can be achieved, and the benefits that result from safer workplaces," says Phillips.

The program will conclude with the presentation of the Safe Work Awards at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Friday 28 October. The full Safe Work Week 2011 program of events can be viewed online at where bookings can also be made.
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