Allan Leibowitz introduces news edition #992

Inside Forkliftaction
- 17 Sep 2020 ( #992 )
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Editor Allan Leibowitz comments on the news of the week
Editor Allan Leibowitz comments on the news of the week
In the good times, the exhibition organisers were doing extremely well, especially the big German companies. Their portfolios included a string of successful events around the world that they own - either directly or in partnership with local operators.
They also own in-demand fairgrounds which hosted other events in the gaps in their own-show schedules.
Yes, some of the more mature events were starting to lose their gloss, but on the whole, it was a healthy enterprise which also boosted local economies in their communities.
The pandemic has ended much of that and we, in the materials handling sector, have only really taken note of the cancellations which affect us. But the impact is clearly far more widespread, with revenues decimated and venues sitting vacant.
Our thoughts are with our industry event partners and we look forward to some kind of return to normality soon - but what that reality looks like is anyone's guess.


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