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Carer Electric Forklifts, located in the auto hub region of Italy outside Bologna, has been manufacturing only electric, high lift capacity forklifts since 1976. Distribution for Carer in North America, including full parts inventories and technical support departments, is based out of Seattle, WA and Vancouver, Canada.

The department of engineers at Carer, which represents approximately 40% of total staff at Carer, are tasked with the continuous development of new and innovative high-capacity electric forklifts. The engineers have accomplished this goal and now companies operating high-capacity LP or diesel forklifts in almost any industry can save an enormous amount of money, while eliminating harmful exposure to carbon emissions.


The A70X-300X series, ranging from 15,000lbs. to 66, 000lbs.

The port, lumber and steel industries were major contributors to the development of the A series. The unique design of such features as the triangular battery compartment, which allows Carer to increase the capacity of the truck more easily, the overhead tilt cylinders which provide more stability, the silent blocks that eliminate sound and vibration within the cab, the powerful dual drive motors, and the high volt operating system, make this model unlike any other in the market. These cutting-edge features create a solution that is ideal when considering the replacement of diesel forklifts, in industries such as lumber, steel, port, cement, and hay.

At the time of design, the team at Carer were paying close attention to these industries, and it quickly became evident there was another key component that needed to be considered… how these giants would be powered. Only a solution that could keep up with high utilization, multiple shifts, and high energy consumption without the need for changing batteries, was the answer. The result was a purpose-built machine that integrates up to a 144-volt operating system, with up to a 1600amp hour lithium no maintenance battery, able to keep up to the demands of any application.

A Series Models:

  • A70X - 15,400lbs. capacity, with a 24” load center
  • A80X - 17,500lbs. capacity, with a 24”, 36” or 48” load center
  • A100X - 15,400lbs. capacity, with a 24” load center
  • A120X - 15,400lbs. capacity, with a 24” load center
  • A140-short - 30,500lbs. capacity, with a 24” load center- SHORT chassis
  • A160-short - 35,000lbs. capacity, with a 24” or 36” load center-SHORT chassis
  • A160X - 35,000lbs. capacity, with a 24” or 48” load center
  • A180X - 40,000lbs. capacity with a 48” load center
  • A200X - 44,000lbs. capacity with a 48” load center
  • A300X - 66,000lbs. capacity with a 48” load center- coming soon.


The Z60-180H & HD series, ranging from 13,000lbs. to 40,000lbs.

The Z series lineup from CARER is a true example of leading technology. With capacities ranging from 13,000lbs to 40,000lbs, the Z series has been specifically designed to operate in very confined operating environments, where minimal space is available. Furthermore, it’s design ensures high performance, long operating time, lower operating costs, and many other efficiencies, making it an ideal solution for the Steel distribution and processing, smelting, aerospace, automotive, paper & cement industries.

Compact in size:

By elevating the battery compartment, and positioning the rear steer axel under the battery, the CARER Z series can provide a very short overall length. The result is a high-capacity forklift, with extremely high lift capacity, able to maneuver through confined and challenging spaces. 

Raised driving position:

By shortening the chassis and by repositioning the battery compartment, the position of the operator is elevated. With a higher operating position, and standard rearview camara, the CARER Z series offers 360-degree visibility, making it easier and safer in any application.

Ergonomics and comfort: 

With the premium full suspension seat, spacious and comfortable cabin, and ergonomic steering configuration, operators not only find the Z series more comfortable, but also much safer to operate.  

High Voltage operating systems:

The 96V and 120V operating systems used by the Z series, increases autonomy and efficiency, thanks to some of the most advanced technology available in the market.  These highly efficient, high voltage systems, increase the forklift’s performance by allowing the use of lower currents, reducing battery stress, battery power, and overall temperatures. 

Electric Braking:

The new 100% electric braking system is mounted directly on the two front traction motors. This increases overall efficiency, and nearly eliminates the need to invest in brake repairs and maintenance.  


The RH2 & R-short series, ranging from 9000lbs. to 17,500lbs.

The R series was developed to operate in both an indoor and outdoor environment. Available with an 80volt or 96volt operating system, this truck was designed to meet the demands of most any type of application, while remaining one of Carer’s most introductory models. This workhorse ranges from one of Carer’s lowest capacity offerings at 9000lbs., and reaches a capacity of 17,500lbs at a 24-inch load center. 

As with all the Carer product range, the R series uses the battery located under the operator as the counterbalance. This provides an even displacement of weight between all four wheels, increasing stability and offering up to one hundred percent residual capacity, something unachievable with internal combustion forklifts. 

Included in the R series line up, are the 11,000lb. and 12,000lb. R50 & R55H2-SHORT. Models. These modern-day upgrades to the standard boxcar Forklift, have a very short turning radius (STR), and designed to meet all STR applications. The container version of this model is equipped with a lowered overhead guard and designed specifically to access containers and railcars.

In order to ensure the R series best fits the demands of the application, Carer offers a number of additional options aside from the standard configuration. Items such as fingertip controls integrated into the armrest, an enclosed cab with optional heating and air conditioning, heated pneumatic low vibration seats, rearview camara, a high temperature kit, and explosion proof (EX) options are all available. Making the R series one of Carer’s most popular model.

The measurables of changing an internal combustion truck with an R series truck, or any of Carer’s high-capacity electric forklifts, typically only consider energy consumption (fuel) savings.  In reality, the costs savings are far greater than fuel savings alone, and a more realistic ROI would incorporate the following:

  • Reduced utilization through elimination standby idle time 
  • Capital costs (extended depreciation term and internal cost of funds)
  • Reduced repairs and maintenance costs 
  • Reduced intangible costs 
  • Energy (electricity) consumption costs 
  • Costs associated with unproductive labor – limited battery maintenance
  • Reduced tire replacement costs

In short, when looking at the endless challenges that face any industry, eliminating obstacles, while eliminating additional expenses is key.  At Carer, developing new and innovative solutions is what we do, and our A, Z, and R series trucks are a perfect example of that.


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