Crown PE 4000:
Wrench light

I'm working on A PE Jack it's giving me a flashing wrench light code 32
No movement whatsoever Can someone please help
  • Posted 5 Dec 2018 02:31
  • Discussion started by jake_w
  • New Jersey, United States
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Thank you Gary I read that as well ,so I'm asuming the contactor is corrode and needs replacement I cleaned it thoroughly with contact cleaner and air ant it's still throwing the code 32 , thank you for your responce
  • Posted 7 Dec 2018 15:05
  • Reply by jake_w
  • New Jersey, United States
Code 32, line contactor not opening due to welded or corroded tips. This is from the manual for a PE3500.
  • Posted 7 Dec 2018 04:35
  • Reply by GaryT
  • Ohio, United States

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