Hyundai 30L-7A:
Will not start. Intemittant

I have a 30L-7 Ser# HFO310229. I has an intermittent start issue. I have changed plugs. Put a diaphragm in the mixer and a kit on the propane side of the EPR. There is no apparent time. It can be cold and it can be warm. I have jumped the onboard diagnostics and no codes. Fuel lock off appears to work all the time. I have jumped the fuel pressure switch. No change. Disappear for a few hours, come back. Starts immediately. There was a lot of contamination in the LPG system for only 1100 hrs. The gasket was deteriorating and a rubbery silicone substance was the product it left in the Regulator. Completely cleaned and rebuilt. HELP!! Anyone else ever seen this??
  • Posted 14 Jan 2017 13:57
  • Discussion started by chuck_c
  • British Columbia, Canada
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I know its been awhile but I was wondering if you ever found a fix for this? I have a similar problem on a 25l-7 with the GM 3.0 with 1500 hrs. I have tried to go through everything, just randomly dies then takes a little while and starts right back up. setting no codes, and with a spark tester it shows even after it dies it has spark the whole time.
  • Posted 6 Apr 2017 09:49
  • Reply by vashxj
  • illinois

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