Hyster H60FT:
Will not start. Have no voltage going to fuel pump . Gasoline engine.

This truck runs on gasoline. It has a Mazda 2.2 L.Will not start. No voltage at fuel pump.If I put 12 V to pump the truck will run good. The customer was using the truck, and got off it while it was runing, and the truck shut down and will not start. How do u retreve the codes ? Can any one email me any info on the wiring system.
  • Posted 9 Sep 2010 08:54
  • Discussion started by rebelviper
  • South Carolina, United States
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Also check your coolant. They refuse to run if the coolant is low. However, they give you an indicator telling you that it will shut off.
  • Posted 3 Jan 2020 07:13
  • Reply by Bill_Jones
  • Virginia, United States
Relay is ok. I think i have a brake in wire harness. Thanks
  • Posted 19 Sep 2010 22:54
  • Reply by rebelviper
  • South Carolina, United States
Check relay in the PDM, beside battery, and fuse, this shouldnt be emission related, VSM will only shot down ignition system
  • Posted 18 Sep 2010 04:18
  • Reply by Barfly_olaf
  • Nova Scotia, Canada
Ed, The truck is a 2005.
  • Posted 14 Sep 2010 04:50
  • Reply by rebelviper
  • South Carolina, United States
how old is this truck? you are aware that the emission systems components on a lot of trucks have a longer warranty than just 1 year? I can not speak to NACCO products, but I know some other brands do.
that said, I don't have any books on this serial number series, and it is most likely you will be making a call to the local hyster dealer, as they are very close to the chest with the their cards as to how to access the control systems, and this sounds as if the truck is shutting off fuel supply to prevent damage because the controllers input signals are not within the expected ranges some where.
  • Posted 12 Sep 2010 23:13
  • Reply by edward_t
  • South Carolina, United States
"it's not rocket surgery"
Thanks for responding Ed ! serial # L177B04820D
  • Posted 10 Sep 2010 09:45
  • Reply by rebelviper
  • South Carolina, United States
? serial numbers?
  • Posted 9 Sep 2010 20:18
  • Reply by edward_t
  • South Carolina, United States
"it's not rocket surgery"

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