The brotherhood of the liftruck world.

It ***, The people you work with, or know for over twenty five years are not informed when they die, its sad, Do you have to be a fire fighter or cop for the big parade and Gala, we all choose our jobs, and do our best, a telephone call is all that i ask, the the respects will be in order. The person that passed Mr bob Kinloch worked for Wajax, Travers lift trucks, Modern lift trucks, BW lifftrucks Surelift, Masterlift, High reach, Liftcom. At this time i am upset that no one called,what would the family think, not many brothers at the call very very sad
  • Posted 15 Jul 2011 11:04
  • Discussion started by towmotor
  • Ontario, Canada
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Nice one bobs son, best regards
  • Posted 23 Feb 2014 00:31
  • Reply by towmotor
  • Ontario, Canada
This is Bob's son. I am sorry to anyone who didn't receive a call after my dads passing. We tried to reach as many people as possible. However, during the funeral planning it can get pretty hectic. Thank you for your condolences. It would have meant a lot to my dad for people to be thinking of him. I stumbled upon this forum out of curiosity to see if my dads name was on the web.

I myself didn't know that my dad worked for some of these companies. He enjoyed working in this industry and valued all the friends that he met over the years.
  • Posted 21 Feb 2014 23:48
  • Reply by Kinloch
  • Ontario, Canada
Still waiting SCAZ...
  • Posted 29 Oct 2011 12:41
  • Reply by charles_p
  • United States
How invincible is justice if it be well spoken.
I would be happy to get the book for you. Get back to work.

  • Posted 22 Oct 2011 01:52
  • Reply by ExWrench
  • New Jersey, United States
Having been in our industry for (oh my God I can't believe it but it's true!!) 37 years! Ok I have to admit I did not start at 12 years old! But in all sincerity, I have tried to stay in touch with people I worked with as well as people I competed with. When I first started as a territory salesman I made friends with a few of my competitors and believe it or not still hear from them! Some are out of the industry, some are still in the industry albeit with different brands today and some have retired. My point is that we are a fraternity and are actually a very small fraternity compared to other industries. The best analogy I can think of is to compare our industry to the NFL. There are currently approximately 1600 NFL players. That number has gone up quite a bit in the last 10 to 15 years however is still a microcosim of the USA's total population. I do not know the total number of sales people in our industry but would guess it may not be far off the total number of NFL players. When we "play" (compete) against one another there is no quarter and we all want to WIN! When the game (or in our case the deal) is done, we move on to the next deal/game. I have always enjoyed getting to know my competitor, maybe even having a beer with him/her. Sometimes we bust each other on who won or lost the deal but in all cases there was a level of respect for someone that played the same game well and fairly, but for a different team. Just like the NFL there are certain players that really bend or even break the rules of winning the game/deal. Just like in the NFL these people are usually known by the other teams/brand whether on a local or national level depending on their job.
I have already gotten way to verbose with this! My bottom line thought is that all of the good guys/gals (please excuse me ladies I mean no disrespect) are the people we should all know or at least know of and when they pass on let us all mourne the passing of one of our brothers/sisters. This is a great industry and there are so many really good people in it. I look at oldtimers like me and want to make sure that we pass the mantle of this FRATERNITY on to the younger ones. To do that we need to remember all the good people we worked with and yes, competed with that made our industry what it is. If we do not do this it will become just another job.
  • Posted 1 Oct 2011 04:10
  • Reply by sport05
  • United States
charles p,
My copy of this book & The Beatles, "White Album" went with my first wife when I had my back turned - they were both acquired before we were married. But the book was a good read & had some very good messages for me.
Just checked on eBay & found several sellers offering them at a reasonable price. The copy I had was a paperback, the one with the orange top banner - you'll see what I mean when you look on eBay..
  • Posted 26 Sep 2011 11:12
  • Reply by johnr_j
  • Georgia, United States
"Have An Exceptional Day!"
Johnr_J, an I borrow your book? You know as an industry friend that I would return it. It sounds like an interesting read. I was in Florida for 15 years in the industry but have moved North for a better opportunity @ MHS in Delaware. Let me know, I would pay for shipping both ways.
  • Posted 26 Sep 2011 08:56
  • Reply by charles_p
  • United States
How invincible is justice if it be well spoken.
I know the feeling. My upper brass wants all the help but is unwilling to help back. If a person helps me I am indebted to them and try to help in any way I can.
  • Posted 13 Sep 2011 06:15
  • Reply by proshadetree
  • Tennessee, United States
I use this website and posted a help topic for trouble shooting a competitors brand and wouldn't ya know it my boss found out. He chewed me a new one but I had not violated any form of the employee manual and informed him of this, he told me in a loose way to get the F out of the office and get back to work. Since this paranoid incident I am now strickly an 8 hour guy and not a company guy anymore. This new management era has a real disconnect from the people who pound the pavement and actually build a business.
  • Posted 11 Sep 2011 03:29
  • Reply by tomas_s
  • Bahamas, Bahamas, The
thanks again lift truck guys
  • Posted 1 Sep 2011 09:36
  • Reply by towmotor
  • Ontario, Canada
My condolences to Bob's family. I had a few dealings with him over the years at various companies he worked at.
  • Posted 26 Aug 2011 00:10
  • Reply by joe_b
  • Ontario, Canada
Working together is success.
Gerry i thought you went back east, last time a saw you was at mr rice funeral.
  • Posted 22 Jul 2011 09:23
  • Reply by towmotor
  • Ontario, Canada
Thanks guys for the responce,most or all of you didnt know the person , it makes me feel a little better thanks again
  • Posted 22 Jul 2011 09:20
  • Reply by towmotor
  • Ontario, Canada
The saddest part of this thread is how for our own short comings we tend to want to blame others. Frends are precious and it is up to the individual to keep in contact. It is certainly not the family's responsibility. Several years ago my father in law passed away after a long painful illness. The family elected to not have a wake or a gathering. I received a call at my in-laws home and some guy read the obit and was blasting us because we elected not to have a wake. My question to him was, where were you the past 6 years he had been ill and at home? Where were you with a telephone call or a quick note to see how was he doing? If they are such good friends, keep in tuch while they are alive.
  • Posted 22 Jul 2011 00:01
  • Reply by just_a_guy
  • South Carolina, United States
Bob Kinloch came here from Scotland and started at Hyster when they were assembling units in Toronto. You left out American Hoist. Some of us did take the time to call Bob's wife Ann, and you'd like to believe some will see this and call or send a card to her !
  • Posted 21 Jul 2011 22:32
  • Reply by gerry
  • Ontario, Canada

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