Skyjack SJ111-3219:
Pump Motor Hammer Tap to Work

I have a 2012 Skyjack SJ111-3219 that is in great shape. After some use, it decides to act up and wont allow the lift to rise or drive. I end up lowering the lift and looking for the problem. I plug in the battery charger and 5-10 minutes later, its working again for a brief period but not always (no consistency). I've been cleaning connections, removing some minimal corrosion. And is still doing the same thing. Sometimes I can just rock the lift a little from inside the platform and it works. Then I tried tapping on the pump motor and I am back in business for a short time. Then, lower the lift, tap the pump motor again, and I am in business briefly. The tapping seems to be working but wondering if it could it be motor brushes or is the motor overheating?? Please help.
  • Posted 9 Jan 2021 05:12
  • Discussion started by MARK
  • Florida, United States
Mark J Lariat
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Its the motor brushes, they are not touching the commutator with enough force and burning it, when you jiggle the maching the comm rotates to cleaner spot. you may need to run a stone over the comm bars clean it a little.
  • Posted 10 Jan 2021 09:22
  • Reply by Roger_Roberts
  • Arizona, United States

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