Crown WAV50-118:
no power

Hi guys looking for some help with a crown wav.the machine will not start up. no dash display on bdi when i turn the key switch i get power to the controller plug in the curtis hand unit and checked fault it shows "can fault" checked fuses and connections all look ok.the drive tow switch works ok so when i press it the brakes release and machine can be pushed. battries are ok 25.4 volts.line contact is getting no negative feed from the controller any ideas ?
  • Posted 5 Jun 2014 06:49
  • Discussion started by Mag1
  • CO DUBLIN, Ireland
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I've remembered something important!

Check the two main fuses beside the main contactor.
First, when they are bolted on, hold the fuse body and try to shake it a bit. See are the connection contacts still soldered to the fuse body.

Do not measure their continuity when they are on the machine.

Very often I have found that the connecting contacts break from the fuse body. If so, easy fix. Find a good soldering iron.

If this is not the case check the power supply to the main contactor. Don't disconnect the wires from it. The controller could recognize that as an fault. Measure the power somewhere on that diode you will found. These contacts are shared with those where the wires are connected, just from the other side (instalation choice).

If you still don't have power supply to the main contactor after you have check all above... to bad man, you have an wiring/connector issue.

Let us know what did you find...
  • Posted 6 Jun 2014 17:10
  • Reply by ivanlinaric
  • Zagreb, Croatia
Feel free to contact me at
hi guys thanks for the quick response,when i turn on the key switch the line contactor does not switch on i have checked the emergency stop buttons and wires found them all ok the control switch is on platform function,I also checked the fuses with a multi meter the fuse holder in the front service panel has been replaced so there ok.the hour meter display is showing the hours ok.. I also removed the handle on the ignition side wiring and connections are wiring not trapped or damaged. when i turn the key switch i get 24 volts at pin 1 on the controller and i also have a negative feed to the pin number 2. thanks for your help guys any more info would be great
  • Posted 6 Jun 2014 07:10
  • Reply by Mag1
  • CO DUBLIN, Ireland
" things to check first as Ivenlinaric says check to see if the hour meter is working if not check the plugs to the service panels the wiring is really tight to them and ive had lots of problems with the plugs pulling out I usually remove the larger plug from its holder in the service panel and use a tiewrap to hold it together. The second thing remove the handle with the ignition switch in it and check the wiring hasn't been trapped in manufacture ive come across lots of the newer wav,s with trapped damaged wiring to the switch its a really tight fit in there
  • Posted 6 Jun 2014 04:23
  • Reply by lifter01
  • West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
If you checked the fuse visually, you should also check it with an multimeter.

I personally think the best way to check it is to see is the hour meter working on the service panel. When the fuse is OK, the working hours should be displayed.

I'm telling you this because every single WAVE I've worked on had a faulty fuse housing. Usually the operators break the little metal pins on housing cap so the housing can not be closed properly and establish a good contact.

  • Posted 5 Jun 2014 18:43
  • Modified 5 Jun 2014 18:45 by poster
  • Reply by ivanlinaric
  • Zagreb, Croatia
Feel free to contact me at
after you turn the key on, does the main contactor close?
(You should hear a pretty good clack sound).

If it doesn't close, the machine will obviously not power up.
Then you should check the emergency stop buttons circuit.

Check the white connectors on the back side of service panel also.
There is often a problem with contact there or the connectors are slightly disconnected.

You should also check is the control switch on service panel. It should be turned "platform" (not to "base").

It's absolutely normal that your brake release works. This is system that overrides any electronics. The power is directly supplied from batteries to brakes electric magnet coils.

Tell us how you're doing...
  • Posted 5 Jun 2014 18:36
  • Reply by ivanlinaric
  • Zagreb, Croatia
Feel free to contact me at

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