Hyster S50XM:
No cold start

S# D187 GMC engine closed loop system ,
Unit will not start first thing then after it is started once , starts all day
did some test
the fuel idle solenoid on top of regulator does not open,but once bypassed with jumper wires unit starts
While testing with test probe both sides of plug are hot ?
My question what gives this unit a signal? Relay? cold start solenoid ? or is this controlled by the ECM
  • Posted 12 Apr 2014 01:45
  • Discussion started by pacfork
  • British Columbia, Canada
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Hi Hytech
Back to this cold start problem , Only has 1 wire oil pressure sender.
broken wire ?
After this unit gets started from cold start it will fire up all the time.
trick on starting this unit is shot of starting fluid.
Yes it has a com port
But we do not have software ,
ECM ? but they are not cheap $1900
  • Posted 26 Jun 2014 04:51
  • Reply by pacfork
  • British Columbia, Canada
Bypass the oil pressure sensors.possibly broken wire. Or wiring to fuel shut off valve.does it have a comm port ? Then you can check all anti tie downs
  • Posted 12 Apr 2014 07:02
  • Reply by HYTECH
  • Virginia, United States
Here we go again

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