Toyota 2FBCA25:
Motor Locked Up

I'm working on a forklift that has been sitting for a couple of years for my son. I've got it to the point that I hear the inverter whine when in forward or reverse, but there is no movement at all. I am able to try to turn the motor by the fan blade and it doesn't budge. I have been unable to find a service manual, so I wondering if anybody can tell me the correct procedure for removing the motor.
  • Posted 11 Sep 2016 08:16
  • Discussion started by dporada
  • Ohio, United States
Thank You
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The easiest way is to drain the hydraulic tank, remove the battery and using another lift truck, lay it on its side with the hydraulic tank down. The drive motor is directly accessible.
  • Posted 30 Jan 2020 15:50
  • Reply by charlie_j
  • California, United States
Take time to do the job right the first time, or you will have to make time to do the job over

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