Forklift truck driving or lorry driving?

Hi, I have long been interested in getting my class 2 HGV licence. However having looked into it more closely I think it may not be all it is cracked up to be. I.e. Early starts, long days, scant access to toilets, heavily regulated and expensive training fees. Additionally my wife and I are expecting our first baby soon and I don't see lorry driving as being a good option when the baby is here.
While forklift driving roles have similar pay from what I believe, (please correct me if this is wrong), it is less regulated and is not as expensive when it comes to the training.
So what does everyone think? Pros and cons of forklift driving vs pros and cons of lorry driving? How many hours on average do you guys work as forklift operators? What do you get paid? Do you enjoy it? Would love to hear from someone please who has done both lorry driving and fork lift driving.

Thank you
  • Posted 1 May 2020 04:17
  • Discussion started by CTD88
  • Derbyshire, United Kingdom
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Having worked as a drivers mate and also driving a 7.5T along with being a Forklift Operator and an MHE Instructor I personally would stick with looking at FLT Operative, especially given the "new" family aspect.
The difficulty with both is initially getting work because you can get stuck in the catch 22 of "no experience - no job" and unless you are working for a company who put you through the training course it can be difficult to get the experience.
Salaries will vary depending on where you live and the hours/shifts you work. I have seen FLT drivers being offered £8.50 an hour up to £15 an hour but it comes down to the equipment you can operate and your experience again.
Remember also that with FLT work you may not always be on the lift truck as the majority of employers tag on "other duties as required". The advantage is that you do normally get to go home at the end of your day which is not always the case with LGV drivers.
If you want to be there to see your family then FLT is the better option and probably offers more scope for progression given the number of different trucks you can learn to operate.
If you are going to go down the FLT route, I would suggest getting at least Reach and Counterbalance initially and check all the available job sites for listings in your area to see what truck types are being listed as required.
Finally...good luck.
  • Posted 12 Oct 2020 21:09
  • Modified 12 Oct 2020 21:13 by poster
  • Reply by Tat2dPete
  • Strathclyde, United Kingdom

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