Crown RR5220-35:
Forklift stopped while lifting. Acess 3 code 367

Not sure of the exact model#, all I can make out is RR52 the rest is gone. The serial# 1A234764 if that helps. One day while lifting it beeped and showed an overheat message, lift motor was hot to the touch. Let cool down overnight, tried again the next day. Lifted a pallet about 4 feet and completely shut down and would not reset. Lowered the forks manually then powered unit off and back on. Went through self test, as soon as you push on foot pedals the wrench light comes on and access 3 blinks 367. I don't have any crown manuals so I'm going in blind. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Posted 27 Jan 2017 00:52
  • Discussion started by Dkshep2466
  • Oklahoma, United States
15 year automotive mechanic
F.N.G. forklift/equipment mechanic
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OK, finally got this resolved. Checked the ED contactor and it was burnt. Installed a new one and it would power up but has reverted back to the 367 code. So I went back to square one and rechecked my wiring, paying closer attention to my ohm readings. Found that the signal wire to access 3 was broken. No apparent damage on the outside but the copper inside had broken. Repaired the wire and it powered up and worked normally.
Thanks for all the help. I have convinced my boss to invest in a manual now.
  • Posted 21 Feb 2017 00:46
  • Reply by Dkshep2466
  • Oklahoma, United States
Front lift motor or rear lift motor? From your 'stood on right foot pedal and it shut down' comment i'm assuming the front motor, which runs when you stand on the right pedal to provide steering. Almost certainly a pump issue if thats the case, and maybe the motor again too.
  • Posted 17 Feb 2017 20:35
  • Reply by techno_nz
  • Canterbury, New Zealand
Ok. I'll check these out and get back with you. Thank you
  • Posted 16 Feb 2017 04:10
  • Reply by Dkshep2466
  • Oklahoma, United States
Check the ED contactor tips, and the power fuses leading to it. According to your previous description, the lift motor struggled...smoke from that area...then shut off tells me that's the area to concentrate on. On my previous post, I mentioned that the pump could cause overcurrent in the lift motor. It could have damaged the motor itself.
  • Posted 16 Feb 2017 03:38
  • Modified 16 Feb 2017 03:43 by poster
  • Reply by Ifixit
  • Pennsylvania, United States
Black on the armature is normal, but should be cleaned (stoned)
  • Posted 16 Feb 2017 03:33
  • Reply by Ifixit
  • Pennsylvania, United States
I had a fresh set of eyes look at this lift while I worked on something else and he noticed that the armature on the drive motor is black instead of copper colored. Could this cause the code and shut down? I haven't checked the ED contactor yet though.
  • Posted 16 Feb 2017 03:31
  • Reply by Dkshep2466
  • Oklahoma, United States
318 has to do with the ED contactor, weather the tips got burned or the fuse blew out. Over current in the lift motor could cause this
  • Posted 16 Feb 2017 02:40
  • Reply by Ifixit
  • Pennsylvania, United States
Update: I removed the lift pump and had it checked. Turned out to be bad. Installed a new one and unit drove acted normal until I tried to lift the forks. It struggled, then I saw a flash from the motor compartment and smoke and unit shut down. Flash code 318 in access 3. Now it will start up normally but shuts down as soon as you step on the right foot pedal.
  • Posted 16 Feb 2017 02:17
  • Reply by Dkshep2466
  • Oklahoma, United States
If the pump is bad, it causes over current in the motor. If it's the priority pump, also be aware that the steer generator has been found to prematurely wear that priority pump
  • Posted 5 Feb 2017 01:06
  • Reply by Ifixit
  • Pennsylvania, United States
The mega ohm test should be mega from armature and field to case but what about the less than 1 ohm A1 to A2 lugs and F1 to F2
  • Posted 5 Feb 2017 00:50
  • Reply by popeye
  • Ohio, United States
So far all wiring and the fuses are in good shape, no opens found. So I removed the lift motor and pump. Had a mega ohm test on the motor, it passed. Checked the brushes, they looked ok. So next culprit could be the lift pump?
  • Posted 31 Jan 2017 06:52
  • Reply by Dkshep2466
  • Oklahoma, United States
Seems you have a bad lift pump. It could also have damaged the motor itself. There are a lot of different things to look at with these trucks. Do all the tests from previous poster...then check for open motor.
  • Posted 30 Jan 2017 11:01
  • Reply by Ifixit
  • Pennsylvania, United States
This code is FU9 open circuit or M1 (traction motor) circuit open.
Check the FU9 which is located on the front wall of the power unit. Should be 3 250A fuses next to each other, it is the far right of the three. If that fuse is good check the Emergency Disconnect Contactor/Tips. Lastly check for an open circuit between battery positive, ED tips, FU9, and Access 3.
  • Posted 27 Jan 2017 13:00
  • Reply by jdgnfshn
  • Maryland, United States

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