Crown 20mt

Hello. Where would I find a wiring diagram for a Crown 20mt?

  • Posted 22 Sep 2008 11:00
  • Discussion started by BEST
  • New South Wales, Australia
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Can you please send me the wiring diagram
  • Posted 7 Jul 2024 13:15
  • Reply by Paul_Paul
  • New Jersey, United States
Make sure the hidden microswitch is being activated when you pull the handle down, or it won't work. A bit hard to describe, but when you pull the handle down, you will see a lever move next to the brake drum. Attached to that is a small flat plate, that plate then goes up and presses the microswitch. Which will make the motor run. Mine was not contacting the microswitch and i had to adjust the plate to the right. I also have a wiring diagram not sure how to get it to you.
  • Posted 9 Feb 2023 18:15
  • Reply by IT490blue
  • Queensland, Australia
I need a wiring diagram or just a little advice. The drive quit. The operator reported that smoke came out from around the motor before it quit. I checked the fuses and they are OK. I jacked up the unit and the motor works if you manually close the contactors but the hand controls only work for lifting and lowering. Any help is appreciated.
  • Posted 3 Oct 2022 21:56
  • Modified 1 Jan 2023 00:54 by poster
  • Reply by Eric_P
  • Ohio, United States
"I drink and I know things, that's what I do."
I too require a schematic drawing for the crown 20mt. Were you able to get any drawings and if so would you mind sharing where?
Regards, Peter
  • Posted 16 Jun 2022 21:36
  • Reply by petenam
  • New South Wales, Australia
need a wiring diagram / schematic for an electric walk behind CROWN 20MT, SN 1A162568; Mast # 20MT130. Let me know the cost. Thanks. No info is available from CROWN.
  • Posted 20 Nov 2019 00:54
  • Reply by connermj
  • Maine, United States
I too need a wiring diagram / schematic for an electric walk behind CROWN 20MT, SN 1A162568; Mast # 20MT130. Let me know the cost. My forklift was dead when I bought it. Thanks. No info is available from CROWN.
  • Posted 20 Nov 2019 00:50
  • Reply by connermj
  • Maine, United States
Sounds like you know this system well would you have a drawing for this beast I'm having fun with one not going into top speed turtle rabbit button has no effect thanks in advance for any help you can give Barry Owens smartlift
  • Posted 22 Oct 2019 06:30
  • Reply by Bazza
  • S. Wales, United Kingdom
Ive got a 20mt130a with no brakes and slow speed very slow. One of the fuses inside case near handles (left side battery) had blown and was replaced with piece of wire. Lift up down works fine. Fast forward back is fine. Cgarging and batts fine. Just brakes not working. Anyone got a service manual please?
  • Posted 4 Jun 2019 05:50
  • Reply by creztor
  • Western Australia, Australia
have you found the problem? Got the same. Clicks and no go. Lift OK. Don't have schematics can you help me?
sales at systematioinc dot net
  • Posted 19 Dec 2017 21:40
  • Reply by Peemin
  • Florida, United States
Truth is a truth even if idiot says that.
Hi there, I have a Crown 15BS walkie stacker s/n B745516 that I am only getting clicking from the solenoid when trying to lift. Does someone have a wiring diagram for this model so I can try to fault find?
email is info at isecobrisbane dot com dot au
  • Posted 8 Nov 2017 09:37
  • Reply by matthew_t
  • Queensland, Australia
Hi Waterman,

Are the 2 cables that used to connect to the batteries still in the truck?
If they are it is easy to find out. As the 4 6v batteries are connected in 12 volts parallel, all you need to do is to use a multi meter to check the voltage on both battery terminals.
  • Posted 28 Sep 2017 19:09
  • Reply by richard_y
  • Singapore, Singapore
I have a 20MT-110, ser# 35989. It is missing front batteries, not sure of post connections. Do the positive terminals face the rear of the lift or towards the forks.
  • Posted 26 Sep 2017 14:30
  • Reply by Waterman
  • Texas, United States
I am aslo looking for diagrams for a Crown 20MT 1A115872

email ; [email address removed]
  • Posted 9 Sep 2017 05:21
  • Reply by THUMPER
  • Arizona, United States
Hi Crownie,
I have the a 20MT that I just bought off craigs list. It had all new batteries. It worked when I picked it up...all functions. Then I brought it home and plugged in the charger...and BBBZZZZZT. The cord discentigrated into a smoldering mess. I think the guys that sold it knew the charger was crap. Now Im stuck with a mess. Does anyone out there have a wiring digram? The SN is 30130...it was built in 09-79. Thanks for any help. I can be reached at nvannatter @ hotmail dot com. or at 8505026660 (cell) Thank you
  • Posted 3 Mar 2016 01:21
  • Reply by nate_v
  • Florida, United States
Hi Crownie
I posted the following earlier today

(Hi I have inherited a Crown 20MT130A walkie that has chronic issues with holding battery charge Does anyone have a wiring diagram that they could share? It would be greatly appreciated )

I can be reached at
mike at ausitech dot com dot au
  • Posted 3 Feb 2016 17:58
  • Reply by Modoz
  • New South Wales, Australia

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