Crown SP3020:
code 57

Ok so one of my stock pickers had to be towed back to my shop the other day. The operator indicated that he and another operator were trying to see whos truck had more power by butting up to each other and going full throttle. Well I had a wrench and it indicated a code 57. my book states "this status code is displayed when the voltage input to control card plug PCZ positions 13 and 12 are wrong polarity." Symptom: Forward or reverse contactors open momentarily, close and open again (PMT TRIP). it says possible cause "sensor wires reversed in plug PCZ. I checked all of that and everything was ok. Another cause is stated at "check green and yellow wires in postions 12 and 13 of plug. they are in the right positions. What readings should I have at these locations with my meter?? it states that power wires may be reversed. that's not the case here. so all connections are were they should be.

I even swapped traction cards because I thought that it just wasn't reading the current sensor. but I have the same issue. code 57. Im stumped on this

any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  • Posted 1 Jun 2019 06:27
  • Discussion started by Busch
  • United States
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No the bad connection I had was on the far left plug. that plug has the height limit switches and control for speed limits. The code 57 I was getting was due to a bad F13 fuse. I would get battery volts on top of fuse then it would have a 0.08 - 0.10 volt drop. So minor that I did not notice it at first. I had to check again to make sure I was seeing it right.

Hope this helps..
  • Posted 7 Jun 2019 00:28
  • Reply by Busch
  • United States
Hey Busch...just read your fix. Was wondering if the bad connection at the control card was the wire or wires from the thermal protector or the current shunt ? The current shunt has the green and yellow wires and the thermal protector is mounted on top of the #1 Rec with a screw ? Would be interesting to know for future reference. Good job on your fix !!
  • Posted 5 Jun 2019 08:23
  • Reply by ScooterB
  • Pennsylvania, United States
As of now no-one has replied to this, but this is for anyone out there that may have the same issue in the future. After finding the bad fuse I had slow travel and would get a wrench with a code 57 after plugging. I changed out the 4REC (Plugging double Diode). And I quit getting a code after. I still had slow travel. So after a lot of trouble shooting I found a bad connection on the traction control card. the CA401 (PCAT) plug had a bad connection. The 1A contactor would not kick in.

So theres the update for anyone reading this and needing guidance in the future.
  • Posted 5 Jun 2019 04:28
  • Reply by Busch
  • United States

I found that the F13 fuse was bad. I had a higher reading on one side of the fuse and a lower reading on the other side. Problem is now that I have travel, but I'm at a creep speed and when I go to plug from forward to reverse or vise versa it wrenched out and I get a code 57.

Any ideas?
  • Posted 4 Jun 2019 23:19
  • Reply by Busch
  • United States

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