Hyster E65XN-40:
code 12332

I have a hyster e65xn-40 serial a268n07933k at one of our customers. I recently displayed code 12332. could not get a straight answer from dealer on meaning and definition of code. found that pump motor is twitching when code is being displayed. From past experience went to the motor speed sensor (encoder). swapped with another truck and it fixed the problem. Roughly 13 working hours later unit shut down again. Could not find the source of the problem. Next day truck worked like it never broke down. Roughly 35 working hours later unit goes down again. Was recommended to change out pump motor. Well i did that and 25 minutes later went down again. Can anyone out there please help. We now have a book coming on the unit but who knows when that will get here.
  • Posted 9 Dec 2014 13:02
  • Discussion started by will_j
  • Georgia, United States
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Thanks I resolve my problem by changing the
DC to DC controler sevcon
  • Posted 7 Mar 2017 06:59
  • Reply by Mecanmax
  • Quebec, Canada
Brewski... Thank you for your help. After many attempts to diagnose the truck with the intermittent of it working and not working. Found that it was the dc to dc converter that was failing. Thanks for your help
  • Posted 16 Dec 2014 07:08
  • Reply by will_j
  • Georgia, United States
Code12332 is E hydraulic enable data incorrect. You need to check the operator presence switch and wiring and the enable relay. Also all related wiring to VSM. The enable relay circuit runs off of the 12 volt converter so that needs to be checked also.
  • Posted 10 Dec 2014 00:46
  • Reply by BREWSKI
  • Nebraska, United States

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