Daewoo G25S:
Brake pedal bogs or kills the engine

I have a problem I haven't seen before. If you press either brake pedal it will bog or kill the engine. Mostly on the brake only pedal it does this more. And on this lift the brakes are part of the hydraulic system and so the problem only happens when the brake control valve starts to get moved up. So there is no master cylinder on this system and the brakes are operated buy the brake control valve that is located under the floor panel on the left side. I have pulled this valve off and kind of checked it out and checked out the check valve on the side of it. But haven't taken it all the way apart and didn't see anything that look wrong. And the brakes work fine still.
  • Posted 23 Feb 2021 00:49
  • Discussion started by Wess
  • Utah, United States
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Yes I have. It ended up being all the o-rings on the spool valve on the hydraulic pump were hard and falling apart. I replaced them with what I had and it was pretty good but it does still act a little funny so I was trying to get the right o-rings from Daewoo but they said you have to buy the full pump rebuild kit to get them and it is $400.00 so I might have to bite the bullet and get it to fix it completely.
  • Posted 5 Jan 2022 00:27
  • Reply by Wess
  • Utah, United States
pressure to high at brake valve
  • Posted 31 Dec 2021 01:46
  • Reply by stillworkin
  • New York, United States
Wes did you figure this problem out ? i have a unit that is similar in design thats doing the exact same thing. just curious
  • Posted 29 Dec 2021 04:58
  • Reply by keith_m
  • Texas, United States

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