Toyota 8FGCSU20:
Backward Tilt Inop Intermittently

The lift I am working on has SAS and no active codes, even when the backward tilt doesn't work. The lift does have the leveling button on the tilt handle. The hydraulic fluid is full. No other hydraulic issues are present, the forks will lift, lower, side shift and tilt forward just fine. The backward tilt wasn't working for a few days and then today when I started the engine, it began to work, then stopped. I would tilt forward and try it again and it worked again. It has been working fine so far, but instead of allowing our warehouse to use the lift, I would like to know what is causing the intermittent issue. I'm not sure if it is hydraulic or if there is an issue with the solenoids/valves, or if it is electrical. Any insight would be appreciated.
  • Posted 4 Apr 2019 05:12
  • Discussion started by cody_c
  • Utah, United States
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Hello Cody_c , i have the same problem , whith the difference that this dont tilt forward, but does exactly like that.
Have you fix the issue?
  • Posted 22 Sep 2019 18:17
  • Reply by jorge_d
  • lugo, Spain
So the sensor did not fix the issue. The lift still is having issues with the backward tilt function. Once the forks are all the way forward, after sitting for a moment, the backward tilt function doesn't work, even with continually holding the lever back. After returning the lever to neutral and trying again, the forks move backward a little, stop, and then move backward again. A few times I have had to move the lever back and forth and then the forks/mast assy will catch and slam back. I am thinking that there is an issue inside the oil control valve body for the backward tilt function. Any thoughts?
  • Posted 5 Apr 2019 04:53
  • Reply by cody_c
  • Utah, United States
I replaced the sensor with a known good one from another forklift and released the lift for daily use. Hopefully that is what was causing the problem. Thanks for your help.
  • Posted 4 Apr 2019 08:36
  • Reply by cody_c
  • Utah, United States
The sensor is mounted on the right tilt cylinder.
Adjust it so the self leveling tilt stops when the forks are level and everything should work again.
Sometimes the plastic socket breaks right off.
Hold level button tilt back fully then fwd and it should stop somewhere if your in range.
Good luck.
  • Posted 4 Apr 2019 05:41
  • Reply by stam
  • Ontario, Canada
It does not. I don't think it has ever worked since we have had the lift. Could the angle sensor be an intermittent thing? I would think that the sensor would cause it to work or not, but not be intermittent, but it is something that I will make a note of and look at. Thanks.
  • Posted 4 Apr 2019 05:30
  • Reply by cody_c
  • Utah, United States
Does the self leveling tilt operate?
If not the angle sensor is out of adjustment and could cause your issue.
  • Posted 4 Apr 2019 05:26
  • Reply by stam
  • Ontario, Canada

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