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Robotics & Automation Exhibition

United Kingdom, Birmingham - March 19-20, 2024
Robotics & Automation Exhibition The Robotics and Automation Exhibition is the UK's largest dedicated exhibition for robotics and automation technologies, products and services.
It offers attendees the opportunity to discover how the very latest and next-generation robotics, automation and future technologies can revolutionise their business performance.

Discover innovations in:

-Robots/Robotic Systems
-Automated Assembly Machines & Systems
-Parts Handling Equipment
-Conveyors & Materials
-Industrial Automation Control
-Automatic Identification & Data Collection/RFID
-Machine Vision & Imaging Equipment/Systems
March 19-20, 2024
NEC Birmingham
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PREMIUM business

Shenzhen Wellwit Robotics Co., Ltd
The Largest AMR/AGV ODM/OEM Manufacturer in China.
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Movers & Shakers
Carmen Zinner Carmen Zinner
Account Executive, Tompkins Solutions
Aftermarket Regional Sales Manager, Clark Material Handling
President, Palletiser Division, Columbia Machine
President, Action Lift