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Smart 2007 Conference

Australia, Darling Harbour, Sydney - Wednesday 20 June – Thursday 21 June 2007
Theme? Visibility. Do you know where your products are at all stages within your supply chain?

Information and Technology are essential tools when implementing visibility in the supply chain. Visibility ensures accurate and efficient tracking, tracing and measurement of products throughout the entire supply chain and guarantees maximum security along the way.

The 2007 SSCT Show will provide the opportunity to learn about the latest technology tools available to ensure 'Visibility'. Whether companies are looking for security, inventory, transport or even materials handling solutions, SSCT 2007 will have them all!

What happened in 2005?
According to Simon Cooper, Managing Director, Interpoint Events the 2005 event attracted over 2000 supply chain attendees and proved that technology is a key component for the future.
"The success of the 2005 show proved that technology is a key to supply chain efficiencies and cost effective movement of goods. The SSCT Show offered attendees the opportunity to learn more about new and advanced technologies from around the world. With 86 exhibitors coming from as far away as the United States, Singapore and New Zealand to showcase their supply chain and logistics solutions the show lived up to the expectations of being the largest event of its kind in Australia, with 2082 buyers." Mr Cooper said.
Unique Exhibition Layout
The Smart Supply Chain Technology Show is unique and original in both its design and layout of the exhibition booths. Attendees are able to compare small, medium and multi-national sized companies in the same light due to the layout and design of the booths.
"We have designed the SSCT Show so the booths are all similar, ensuring exhibitors display their solutions on a level playing field. In 2005 this proved to be a tremendous success for attendees as they were able to evaluate the technologies on show rather than be swayed by gimmicks," he said.
Benefits of Pedestal Stands
The SSCT organisers will once again be offering all exhibitors the new concept, which will significantly reduce the cost of exhibiting, both in terms of money and time. The pedestal style stands will allow smaller companies an affordable alternative to ensure their presence in 2007.

The pedestal option is ideally suited for companies who are looking for a higher return on their tradeshow investment and for exhibitors who don't wish to transport large equipment to the show.

The pedestal is a high-valued, full-featured exhibitor package that includes walls, lighting, electricity, counter displays, corporate signage and labour but at a dramatically reduced cost. This will enable all exhibitors to participate easily and effectively in the show and is ideal for new exhibitors.
Wednesday 20 June – Thursday 21 June 2007
Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre
Contact for booking / more info
Pamela Adams, Conference Director, Smart 2007 Conference (02) 9223 9366; admin@smartconference.com.au Simon Cooper, Interpoint Events on Ph: (02) 9660 2113 or Email: info@smartsupplychain.com.au