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New electric vehicles from Hubtex and Dimos for efficient ULD handling
23 Jan 2020 - Media release
An all-in-one solution: The X-Way Mover combines numerous air cargo disciplines.
The HUBTEX RoxX - powerful, robust and extremely manoeuvrable
10 Oct 2019 - Media release
Frontlifts are often the vehicle of choice when handling heavy loads, but when used in tight spaces, they quickly come up short.
Gaugler & Lutz banks on Hubtex for new mobile racking facility
29 Aug 2019 - Media release
Effective materials handling and warehouse management is crucial to the success of a company, which is why Gaugler & Lutz oHG is banking on an intelligent storage system at its new logistics centre in Aalen-Ebnat (Nord) in Germany.
Order picking in timber industry: what companies should consider
25 Jul 2019 - Media release
The timber industry utilizes a range of different systems for handling long, heavy and bulky goods.
HUBTEX plans to showcase AGV
13 Jun 2019 - Media release
One of the most complex tasks in the intralogistics sector is handling long loads. That's why for manufacturers of forklift trucks and special-purpose vehicles, vehicle automation is a top priority.
New multidirectional sideloader with Industry 4.0 features
2 May 2019 - Media release
New platform with even more applications: Hubtex has updated its modular development platform for electric multidirectional sideloaders - the largest in the industry - and presents a range of new sideloaders with the name PhoeniX.
Step-by-step automation of vehicles handling long loads
21 Mar 2019 - Media release
One of the most complex tasks in the intralogistics sector is handling long loads. That's why for manufacturers of forklift trucks and special-purpose vehicles, vehicle automation is a top priority.
Step-by-step automation of electric multidirectional sideloaders
6 Dec 2018 - Media release
With the rise of digitalisation, the shortage of skilled workers and the increasing requirements placed on supplier performance, it's clear that smart solutions are required to ensure efficient storage processes.
Omnidirectional EPL material lifter and work platform from HUBTEX
25 Oct 2018 - Media release
As global air traffic continues to increase, so too does the need for aircraft.
MIVOR using new HUBTEX apple crate transporter KTR 120
27 Sep 2018 - Media release
MIVOR, an independent apple growing cooperative, has been using a new inloader from Hubtex since summer 2016 in order to ensure a more efficient material flow at its apple warehouse in Vinschgau.
Hubtex refurbishes used vehicles at its factory
9 Aug 2018 - Media release
Buying a refurbished vehicle represents a good alternative to investing in expensive new forklift trucks. At its service workshop, Hubtex Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG conducts maintenance work and general overhauls to its own vehicles.
Hans Kohler AG banks on Hubtex and Rohrer-Marti
28 Jun 2018 - Media release
Stainless steel wholesaler Hans Kohler AG banks on Hubtex multidirectional sideloaders and Swiss importer Rohrer-Marti for its servicing needs.
HUBTEX compact reach truck for high load-carrying capacities
24 May 2018 - Media release
The transport of heavy loads in narrow aisles is a particular challenge for intralogistics providers. Very few forklift manufacturers are capable of delivering the necessary load-carrying capacities in the required compact design.
Hubtex integrates new features into DQ-X series
5 Apr 2018 - Media release
The fourway sideloader DQ-X is the perfect companion for challenging outdoor tasks. In an attempt to further improve efficiency and safety when transporting heavy and bulky goods.
Safe handling at natural ice bob track thanks to HUBTEX
22 Feb 2018 - Media release
During the winter months, around 60 bobsleighs ride down the St. Moritz-Celerina Olympic bob run each day. In the past, it was down to the staff to transport the bobsleighs between where they were stored and the bob run.
Hubtex sideloader all set for Industry 4.0
7 Dec 2017 - Media release
Hubtex Maschinenbau GmbH is equipping its electric multidirectional sideloaders with a new information terminal.
Safe and efficient transport of heavy cable drums, spools
26 Oct 2017 - Media release
Ensuring the safety of people and materials is the top priority when companies transport heavy spools, cable drums and reels on their premises.
A new power package for the heavy-duty industry from HUBTEX
14 Sep 2017 - Media release
Hubtex has developed a new freely manoeuvrable platform truck, type SFB. With a platform height of only 457 mm, the vehicle has a load capacity of up to 35 tons or 70 tons in its coupled operating mode.
Groen & Janssen benefits from efficient transport solutions
3 Aug 2017 - Media release
The transport of long, heavy and sensitive loads places particular safety demands on an enterprise looking to ensure an efficient transport logistics operation.
Energy savings of up to 40 % with lithium-ion forklift batteries
22 Jun 2017 - Media release
Hubtex is expanding its portfolio to include high-performance 48 V and 80 V lithium-ion batteries for its entire fleet of vehicles.
Material-friendly order picking using vacuum system from Hubtex
18 May 2017 - Media release
Hubtex is now offering the integration of a new vacuum lifting equipment for order-picking systems
A multidirectional sideloader for challenging environments
6 Apr 2017 - Media release
Multidirecitonal sideloaders enable the safe and efficient handling of long and bulky goods – even in restricted spaces.
FluX: a talented all-rounder in the warehouse
23 Feb 2017 - Media release
High load capacities when handling pallets or long items – the new multidirectional counterbalance forklift truck called FluX combines the advantages of a frontloader with those of a sideloader.
Two new additions to Hubtex portfolio to mark company anniversary
20 Oct 2016 - Media release
With the company celebrating its 35-year anniversary, Hubtex presented two new groups of products – MaxX and FluX – to mark the opening of its new production facility in Fulda on 2 September.
Special purpose vehicles for disposal logistics
11 Aug 2016 - Media release
HUBTEX container transporters make organising sewage and similar treatment plants easy. Wastewater treatment, waste incinerator and waste disposal companies count on containers as load carriers for their logistics purposes.
Special purpose vehicles for disposal logistics
4 Aug 2016 - Media release
HUBTEX container transporters make organising sewage and similar treatment plants easy. Wastewater treatment, waste incinerator and waste disposal companies count on containers as load carriers for their logistics purposes.
Schlenk uses HUBTEX reach trucks to transport their metal coils
14 Jul 2016 - Media release
Whether in mechanical engineering or other branches of industry, sooner or later, process optimisation requires the transport of heavy and complex loads.
New Hubtex Four-way Sideloader Scores with All-round Visibility
9 Jun 2016 - Media release
A world premiere at CeMAT: With the DQX Hubtex was unveiling for the first time a new generation of four-way sideloadersfor outside use. The first vehicle of the new generation is the DQ 45 X.
Service 4.0: Remote control maintenance made by Hubtex
12 May 2016 - Media release
Hubtex equips all its vehicles with remote control software for maintenance purposes. Customers benefit from predictive maintenance, maximum machine availability and minimised production losses.
HUBTEX Expands Headquarters in Fulda, Germany
14 Apr 2016 - Media release
By the end of 2016, Hubtex will expand its headquarters by 4,670 m² in the industrial area, west of the city of Fulda.
High quality boards moved carefully
10 Mar 2016 - Media release
For the semi-automatic order-picking of chipboards Kronospan Schweiz AG relies on the order-picking platform EZK 35, with Vacumat, with one or two additional functions by Hubtex for positioning, replace with aligning and replace with securing.
Quick and safe: HUBTEX Electric Multidirectional Sideloader
18 Feb 2016 - Media release
J. u. A. Frischeis GmbH relies on HUBTEX multidirectional sideloaders for order picking and the storage of large-scale timber plates. The quick assembly order picking platform and the wire guidance are part of the project's special characteristics.
Hubtex introduces new generation of Glass Frame Transporter
14 Jan 2016 - Media release
The Hubtex GTR series scores with higher safety standards and cost efficiency.
Multidirectional Tool Changer from HUBTEX
10 Dec 2015 - Media release
HUBTEX built a multidirectional tool changer especially for the application at the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg, Germany for transporting and changing injection moulding tools.
HUBTEX Steering system HX
12 Nov 2015 - Media release
The sideloader specialist HUBTEX sets new innovative standards for its core product electric multidirectional sideloader.
Hubtex to reveal growing trend for electric drives at CeMAT
15 May 2014 - Media release
Hubtex will exhibit at CeMAT (open-air stand G02), and will showcase a selection of its equipment and an enhanced product range, where the trend for modern electric drives has gained further momentum.
New Hubtex DS 27: best-in-class specifications
31 Oct 2013 - Media release
Hubtex has extended its product range to include the DS 27 Electric Multidirectional Sideloader. The new three-wheel sideloader with standup cabin is designed for handling pallets, lengthy goods and medium-weight loads (up to 2700 kg).
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