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Work Quicker and Safer with a Stoneridge-Orlaco Digital Camera System

Thursday, 19 November 2020 ( #1001 )
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, one third of consumers have been shopping online on a weekly basis, as revealed by Selligent's survey of 5,000 consumers worldwide. This is an increase of 28% compared to before the pandemic. Pressure on warehouses and staff has increased as a result of this trend. With a Digital Mid-Mast View camera system, you can increase safety in the warehouse, save time while moving goods and improve ergonomics for drivers. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to the digital world. At this turbulent time, a lot of people are avoiding physical shops and are ordering more via the Internet than ever before. This considerable increase in online sales also has a major impact on logistics, with shorter and shorter package delivery times being needed. The fastest option is same-day delivery, which means customers can place an order in the afternoon for home delivery the very same evening. New systems designed to save valuable time in warehouses and allow businesses to achieve the highest possible service levels are now increasingly common. Digital cameras play a central role in this area.
Camera Increases Productivity In order to speed up order handling and logistics in warehouses and distribution centers, Stoneridge-Orlaco has developed the Digital Mid-Mast View camera monitoring system. The camera system provides the driver of a reach truck with a perfect view of the fork in high definition. Since the operator can insert the forks into the pallet openings in one smooth movement, it is possible to work up to twice as quickly, saving companies time and money. In addition, being able to see the fork increases safety and reduces the risk of damage, accidents and downtime.
Perfect HD view of the fork - Digital Mid-Mast View
Improved Ergonomics for the Operator Another advantage of a digital camera system is that ergonomics are improved for the operator. The ergonomically positioned monitor allows drivers to adopt a natural viewing position, reducing the need to look up at an unnatural angle. The image on the monitor provides the driver with a clear view from the fork. This relieves strain on the neck and shoulder muscles, reducing absence caused by sickness and increasing productivity. Digital Quality Stoneridge-Orlaco uses GMSL technology for its Digital Mid-Mast View. This technology transmits the video signal digitally and without compression via a coaxial cable. With a GMSL system, the digital video signal is sent one-to-one and without latency to the monitor. The system provides a high-resolution and therefore razor-sharp image from the fork. This makes its ideal as a Mid-mast view on a reach truck.
Increase productivity in a warehouse and allow drivers of reach trucks to work more efficiently with a Digital Mid-Mast View camera system. Visit for more information about the technologies available from Stoneridge-Orlaco or contact us by email. ________
About Stoneridge-Orlaco Stoneridge-Orlaco, a part of Stoneridge Inc., is the market leader in the field of camera and monitoring systems. Orlaco develops and produces high quality camera systems for a wide variety of for commercial and industrial vehicles. The company's systems increase safety, improve ergonomics, create greater comfort for drivers and ensure greater efficiency. Camera systems from Stoneridge-Orlaco are extremely robust and shock- and vibration-resistant, which means they will work in even the harshest conditions. Stoneridge-Orlaco supplies the largest and most pioneering OEMs in the world. In addition, Stoneridge-Orlaco sells vision systems in the aftermarket through a worldwide network of dealers.