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FEM releases materials handling equipment data

Wednesday, 30 March 2011 ( #507 ) - Brussels, Belgium
The European Materials Handling Federation (FEM) has compiled statistical data on the production value and external trade of European materials handling, lifting and storage equipment for the first time. Analysis of the 2009 data confirms the reductions previously reported by FEM Product Groups, with about 25% decrease in production value from EUR73 billion (USD103.1 billion) in 2008 to EUR54.6 billion (USD77.1 billion). Exports decreased by 24% from 2008's EUR17.8 billion (USD25.1 billion) to EUR23.3 billion (USD32.9 billion) in 2009, but their share in production value increased slightly because of the relative vitality of some export markets and the fall in EU demand. Exports now represent more than a third of the production value of European materials handling equipment. Non-European Union materials handling products have also boosted their presence on the European market. Although they still represent a relatively modest share (11%) of the EU domestic demand, that share doubled between 2005 and 2009. The 2010 figures will be available in the coming months. FEM secretary general Olivier Janin tells News that the data came from Eurostat, the European Union's official statistical body, and estimations from FEM and VDMA as the Eurostat data does not include all materials handling products, particularly storage equipment and software/automation. "[Our] objective is to give a regular picture of the size and evolution of the European materials handling, lifting and storage sector. For this reason, we use Eurostat and complete the missing data with our own estimations. As the European voice of materials handling equipment manufacturers, FEM provides the information and trends on the state of its industry," Janin explains. FEM now joins industrial truck bodies like the Japan Industrial Vehicle Association, China Industrial Truck Association and the US Industrial Truck Association, which compile annual statistical data pertaining to forklift sales. "As regards frequency, since Eurostat publishes production statistics every year, it makes sense to follow the same cycle," Janin says. Established in 1953, FEM represents the interests of about 1,000 companies that employ 160,000 people.