Heavy lift forks, carriages and masts. Any way you want them

Thursday, 17 June 2010 ( #466 )
Now you can design fork arms specially made for your trucks and loads, or get advice on designing complete front ends, at

The complete supplier
Scana Booforge is one of the world's leading manufacturers of large and customized fork arms for heavy lift trucks with a capacity range of 8-80 metric tonnes.

Thanks to our knowledge regarding many different operating conditions, Scana Booforge AB can also provide consultative assistance regarding the development of large lifting forks and carriages as well as masts with lift heights up to 27 meters.

We are now presenting a commercial programme at, where anyone will be able to design their own fork, as well as getting more information about the designs possibilities and technical features of Scana Booforge quality lift forks.

Customized forks for heavy lifting tasks
As Scana Booforge has more than 60 years experience of manufacturing forks, some unique features have been developed throughout the years.

To mention:
  • Own designed steel alloys, RO651 and HRO774, optimal for large fork arm designs

  • Unique competence in forging almost impossible designs

  • New state of the art production line for large fork arms

  • Comprehensive and accurate heat treatment in our own highly certified Heat Treatment Centre

We put the L in ift trucks
Scana Booforge is focusing in the heavier segment, and the fork sizes are applicable to lift trucks exceeding 8 metric tonnes in capacity. This focus assures the design and quality which large lift forks require in order to withstand the heavy wear and tear of 8-80 metric tonnes trucks.

Among other references, Scana Booforge supplies fork arms to OEM customers such as Kalmar, Konecrane, Svetruck, Fantuzzi. Also to Linde HTD and Hyster in both standard and special designs. For further information, please contact

Right fork material. Right heat treatment. Right yield strength
Standard fork material compared to the Scana fork material. When exposed to the same load it clearly shows how different the stress level affect the materials. The Scana material incorporates an extra safety margin within the same cross section of a product, whereas the standard material makes the fork more sensitive to plastic deformation. In the event of an impact blow or a crack initiation on the fork, the standard material quickly loses its strength due to its soft core. The Scana material, on the other hand, has a more even transition from high strength at the edges to the core of the cross section, which allows for a more robust and impact resistant fork. Scana Booforge's unique heat treatment assures the optimal combination of strength and crack resistance. The entire fork is deep-hardened in our Heat Treatment Center, certified for the oil and gas industry. Uniform quality is achieved as a result of a maximum 1 per cent temperature deviation throughout the entire forging process.

Scana Heavy

For 25-80 tonnes lifting capacity

Scana Heavy range fork arms are designed for lift trucks with a capacity range of 25-80 tonnes. Depending on the lifting task, we can customize your fork arms within the Scana Heavy capacity range and dimensions.
Scana Medium

For 12-25 tonnes lifting capacity

Scana Medium range fork arms are designed for lift trucks with a capacity range of 12-25 tonnes.
Scana Light

For 8-12 tonnes lifting capacity

Scana Medium range fork arms are designed for forklifts with a capacity range of 8-12 tonnes. FEM, TW and Pintype suspensions are manufactured according to ISO 2328. For other type of suspensions or dimensions please contact sales.booforge@scana.n for further information.

Scana Roller Fork

For 8-80 tonnes lifting capacity

Scana Roller Fork creates a more stable design compared to a fork arm/carrier solution. It is a price worthy solution as the flexible positioning of the fork arm is remained even without a carrier. Scana Roller Fork is fitted to customers carriage.
Scana Terrain Fork

For from 8-40 tonnes lifting capacity

Scana Terrain Fork arms are designed for optimal use on uneven ground. As the fork arms are adjustable in vertical direction, up to 250 mm between the fork arms, the cargo can be handled even under the toughest conditions. Scana Terrain Forks are also recommended when the cargo require optimal leveling meanwhile driving.
Scana Inverted

For 12-60 tonnes lifting capacity

Scana Inverted Fork Arms are designed to fit any of the existing container spreader on the market to gain lift height, increase stability and productivity and save yard space.

For further information, please contact

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