Thursday, 27 February 2003 ( #96 )
Cascade Corporation, the world's top producer of lift truck attachments and the industry leader in damage reduction technology, has joined forces with ITAB, the Sweden-based developer of the Smart Clamp system for paper roll handling. Merging the two companies' product lines and damage reduction offerings further cements Cascade's position as the premier supplier to the European paper industry. "With this new combination, Cascade will offer paper producers and transporters the widest, most versatile range of damage reduction technology and solutions in the industry," said Tommy Abrahamsson, Paper Industry Manager at Cascade Europe. Europe's leading expert in damage reduction solutions for the paper industry, Abrahamsson was chosen to merge the companies' complementary products and technologies to build the foundation for the next generation of damage reduction systems. Cascade is the largest supplier of lift truck attachments to the paper industry worldwide. By working with end users around the globe, Cascade has developed a vast array of advanced damage reduction technologies. From AFC, Cascade's clamp force control product that addresses the issues of out-of-roundness and roll dropping; to Tilt Control and Rotational Control--products that eliminate edge and wrapper damage by aligning the pads to the roll and the roll to the ground; to Load Cushion, a hydraulic accumulator that reduces the risk of overclamping or roll dropping when traveling over uneven terrain; to the range of contact pad surfaces which optimize roll handling, Cascade engineers continuously generate new products to improve paper handling. ITAB's system for automated clamp force control, Smart Clamp, was developed for the European paper industry. With Smart Clamp, an on-board computer senses the hydraulic pressure in the hoist cylinders and clamping cylinders and uses these to compute the roll weight. The hydraulic pressure is then adjusted relative to a predetermined pressure setting for that weight. The system automatically tilts the mast to vertical when lifting or lowering to eliminate the risk of roll damage. ITAB customers will appreciate being able to work with a familiar face, as ITAB salesman Jonas Stattin will continue to serve Northern Sweden, providing continuity for ITAB customers and exposing them to the entire Cascade product range. For more information, contact: Tommy Abrahamsson at +46 (0)39 33 69 50 or Pictured: Tommy Abrahamsson, Paper Industry Manager, Cascade Europe. - Cascade website -