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JCB to up-skill employees

Thursday, 18 December 2008 ( #391 ) - Staffordshire
Matthew Taylor, JCB's CEO
Matthew Taylor, JCB's CEO
Over 2,000 JCB employees will take part in a training initiative in early January to equip them with the skills needed to weather the economic downturn.

Employees at the Midlands and Wales factories will take part in the biggest training initiative in JCB's history.

Matthew Taylor, CEO of JCB, says the company has always placed a huge emphasis on training employees. "However, the impact of the economic downturn means this takes on even more significance," he says. "We are committed to ensuring our employees are equipped with the right skills to deal with the economic turbulence and to have the skills to harness the opportunities that will be there for growth when the recovery arrives."

Employees will receive qualifications in lean manufacturing, a Chartered Institute of Environmental Health course covering health and safety in the workplace and qualifications in performing manufacturing operations and business improvement technologies.

In addition, JCB supervisory management will have five days of training in management skills and techniques.

JCB will also deliver a range of internally organised training courses that will cover team leading, fabrication and welding, lean manufacturing and operational efficiency.

Shopfloor workers at the two JCB factories in Wrexham will undergo training in business improvement skills and reducing inventory as well as receiving specific tuition on assembly line and machinery use techniques.

JCB is a UK-based construction equipment manufacturer and has been manufacturing Loadalls since 1977.
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