Improve Operator Safety and Warehouse Efficiency with New Tech for Forklifts

- 7 Jul 2022 ( #1084 )
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The Growing Importance of Safety in Industry

It’s an exciting but challenging time for material handlers and equipment dealerships across the world. 

Businesses are still reeling from the long-term effects of COVID. The war for talent has introduced staffing challenges across the industry. Brexit continues to test companies in the UK, Europe, and internationally. And global supply chain issues, caused by a range of complex factors, seem ever-present.  

On top of that, safety has become a major consideration for material handlers. There are more regulations at the national level than ever before. Industry guidelines place an increasing focus on employee welfare. There’s a growing desire to ensure that staff are safe. Incidents in the workplace can lead to significant loss, both to human life and to business. Safety impacts on insurance premiums and, ultimately, on warehouse efficiency.

It’s now widely accepted that technological innovation can alleviate issues relating to safety and efficiency. Those in the industry know that digital transformation in material handling is inevitable. But making a decision about which solutions to introduce to your forklifts and warehouse can be a daunting task when the technology is so fast-changing and new.

The Rise of Telematics Technology in the Warehouse

Telematics is the process of using technology to collect insights about your machinery, vehicles, and tools. 

You install a telematics device (a "tracker") into your forklift. This device collects the desired data from digital and analog signals, often event-based, and then sends that data to a cloud platform. On that cloud platform, it is ingested, processed, and transformed into meaningful information. This real-time, high-volume data is filtered into valuable insights which enable you to finetune your processes, improve operational efficiency, and enhance safety on your shop floor.

GemOne is a global provider of telematics. 

GemOne’s Sapphire is a premium safety management solution for the material handling industry which has unleashed the potential of tens of thousands of industrial machines across the world. 

Sapphire: Premium Safety Management for Material Handlers

The Automated Safety Checklist feature of the Sapphire solution is essential for those tired of failing on safety requirements. On-screen safety checklists make pre-start checks on your forklifts mandatory, with instant lockout if there’s a critical issue. It ensures operators have inspected the machine and determined that it is safe to operate. It documents the completed checklist and the amount of time it took to complete. It tracks user behavior and safety issues with real time data on a cloud platform. No clipboards. No illegible writing. No paper. Just a safe fleet, every day.

The Impact Reporting feature of the Sapphire solution is ideal for fleet managers lacking oversight on unreported impacts. Unreported impacts are costly to your business, both in terms of damage repair and machine downtime. Receive instant notifications of impacts so you can identify which operators and areas are most prone to incidents. Add additional strobes and buzzer alarms. Set up lockout thresholds to stop machines working after an impact. You decide what these impact level thresholds are based on your specific needs and work environment. 

For those fed up with the unapproved use of machines, Sapphire’s Operator Access Control feature gives access to machines only to approved operators via a PIN code,  RFID card, or fob. Choose who you want to operate each machine, based on your own criteria of certifications and training. 

Sapphire also alleviates frustrations about the unlicensed use of machines through its License Management feature. With operator license and safety training expiration tracking, you can ensure that operators using your machines always comply with the appropriate inspections, training, and licensing requirements. An operator whose license expires will be instantly locked out of all equipment to ensure safety and compliance. You’ll never lose track of license requirements and you’ll ensure every operator has the up-to-date safety certifications to operate their equipment.

GemOne’s optional 360° Proximity Warning system, based on state-of-the-art ultra-wideband technology, equips you with the alerts and actionable insights you need to reduce forklift incidents and make your workplace environment safer. Avoid damage and downtime by minimizing forklift to forklift impacts. Safeguard your employees by minimizing forklift and pedestrian collisions. Get reports on all near-misses so you can see which operators and pedestrians are most prone to accidents.

Who is GemOne?     

GemOne is a global provider of smart telematics systems that empower material handlers, dealerships, mixed fleets, and end users of industrial machinery to track their vehicles, boost efficiency, operate more safely, and avoid unexpected downtime. 

GemOne took its first steps 10 years ago in Australia, developing a powerful system to monitor industrial equipment remotely.

Since then, the company has established partnerships that add more than 50 years of heavy machinery experience to its teams. It’s accumulated 20 years of expertise in digitisation. It has specialized in telematics for 10 years. 

Today, GemOne uses that combined knowledge — in business and in machines — to serve a range of customers in the Americas, in EMEA, and in Asia Pacific from their 3 global headquarters, empowering businesses around the world to make their warehouses safer and more efficient. 

The GemOne products and services are built on four pillars. Track and trace is about knowing where your vehicles are at any moment. Security and safety is about seeing who is using your machines and whether they are using them safely. Operational efficiency is about measuring the use and efficiency of your fleet. And service and maintenance is about avoiding unexpected costs and downtime.

With its safety innovations and telematics technology, GemOne delivers systems that meet the needs of companies today and respond to the challenges that businesses will face tomorrow. 

GemOne’s State-of-the-Art Solutions are Based on Safety First Principle

GemOne’s Sapphire solution is based on Safety First principles. With safety checklists, license management, access control, and automatic collision lock-out, Sapphire helps you comply with safety guidelines and enhance safety in the workplace.

GemOne connects any make or model of forklift on one single platform, maximizing what you can do with an individual vehicle or a fleet of thousands. And through that one single platform it offers valuable business data, great user experience, continuous support, and worry-free scalability. 

The Sapphire solution is simple to install and use. Sapphire hardware utilizes Android technology, so your employees can easily operate the 7” colour touchscreen powered by either WiFi or 4G.

It’s also fully customisable. Download any report at any time, or schedule them to suit your needs. Easily set the parameters for alarms. Choose optional add-ons such as battery monitoring or proximity warning.


You can view GemOne’s Product Videos → here.

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