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German Army chooses Hyster

Wednesday, 14 October 2020 ( #996 ) - Berlin, Germany
A German military RS46-33CH container handler
A German military RS46-33CH container handler
Hyster Europe has started the delivery of nine Hyster reachstackers for the German Armed Forces to BwFuhrparkService. The RS46-33CH container handlers ordered by the dealer will be used in the Armed Forces' various materials handling centres throughout Germany. The RS46-33CH has a load capacity of 46 T and the capability to stack up to five containers high in the first row. The reachstackers are equipped with Cummins QSL 9 engines with 8.9 litre displacement and the DANA S.O.H. TE 32 transmission. The new Hyster reachstackers are painted in military bronze green and will be used for the handling and storage of empty containers in depots, as well as handling full containers. The containers are typically loaded with various different equipment, from tent accommodation and tools to spare parts. Even small vehicles can be stored in the containers and prepared for transport. Containers are then transported from the depot by rail or truck to a wide variety of areas and locations in Germany and abroad. Two of the nine units supplied by Hyster Europe are equipped with a special spreader. The spreader has so-called "overheight" legs which make it possible to transport containers that have an open top from which bulky objects may protrude.
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