Microlift Hybrid Pallet Truck new member "T15"

Thursday, 30 July 2020 ( #985 )
Have you ever experienced or imagined one of the following embarrassing situations?
  1. Thinking about how to sell the pallet trucks safely and directly to your end-users without any contact with other people to avoid Covid-19;
  2. Having the headache about how to pack and deliver the pallet trucks very fast to your end-users;
  3. How to help your end-users to solve the malfunction problem of the pallet trucks after sales easily and efficiently?
  4. The pallet truck is powered off (Eg. without spare battery at hand OR without power supply in the warehouse accidentally) but you need to operate it very urgently;
  5. You have to send the engineers to train your end users after sales with lots of time and money, but afraid to be infected by Covid-19...
From now on, getting rid of these headaches is easy because our T15 could solve all these problems through its unique and innovative design, replacing more than 4,000,000 units in the HPT market.
  1. Microlift's unique design package specially for Online Sales, with fast transfer and delivery;
  2. Simple operation with beginner mode to ensure safety. No training required;
  3. Hybrid design by electric or by manual as you like. No downtime at all;
  4. Module design with easy maintenance. No worry about malfunctions at all;
  5. No door service, DIY is enough.
Microlift T15, your best choice for online sales under Covid-19, making the business much safer and easier. Choosing Microlift, you will own innovation, safety and the future. Welcome to Join us now.
Watch the video here!
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