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Thursday, 9 July 2020 ( #982 )
Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co., Ltd. is proud to present their family of ORDER PICKERS - to meet all your needs in different height rack warehouses. 1. Mini Order Picker - OPSM Your best choice to reduce labour costs, increase efficiency, and reduce product damage cost during handling. The OPSM Mini Order Picker boasts the following characteristics:
  • Safety Guard - active sensor automatically cuts the power cycle if the platform is above 500mm and the gate is left open. Meanwhile, the lifiting speed will decelerate for safety concerns.
  • Dual Foot Pedals - will detect if the operator has both feet properly positioned on the platform.
  • Hand Sensor - on the control handle to start travel, lift and lower.
  • Adjustable Loading Tray - 260mm adjustable height of loading tray, offers desired position at work.
  • On-Board Charger - makes it possible to charge battery whenever it is needed.
Model Name OPSM
Load Tray Capacity 90 kg
Load Dock Capacity 150 kg
Platform Lift Height 3000 mm
Rated Voltage 24 V / 200 Ah
Traveling Speed 4.5 km/h
Turning Radius 1300 mm
Overall Length 1500 mm
Service Weight 750 kg
2. Low level Order Picker - OPL10S The low level order picker OPL10S with lifting forks elevates pallet loads weighing as much as 1000kg and up to 1200mm high, providing ergonomic and productivity advantages. The OPL10S Low level Order Picker provides the following:
  • Loading Tray - large sized tray with loading capacity of 60kg.
  • USB Charge Device - located on the control panel, use to charge phone, pad, etc.
  • Foot Switch - to ensure safety.
  • straight Driving Control - located on the backrest, enables operator to pickorders while off the truck.
  • Extra Control Button - extra fork lifting and lowering control button located at the backrest of platform.
Model Name OPL10S
Load Capacity 1000 kg
Platform Height 1200 mm
Max Lifting Height (fork) 800 mm
Rated Voltage 24 V / 450 Ah
Traveling Speed (laden/unladen) 7.7 / 7.8 km/h
Lift Speed (laden/unladen) 0.1 / 1.15 m/s
Lowering Speed (laden/unladen) 0.07 / 0.08 m/s
Turning Radius 1535 mm
Service Weight 1535 kg
OPL10S Standard Configuration:
AC SystemEPS SystemSide-way Battery
Advanced AC system control with reliable performance is easy to maintain.Advanced electric power steering (EPS) handle ensures effortless and highly efficient maneuverability.Side-way battery design is very convenient for maintenance and replacement.
3. High Level Order Picker - OPS15 The high level order picker OPS15 provides safety and high efficiency order packing for high racked warehouses. The OPS15 High Level Order Picker has the following great characteristics:
  • Pallet Lock Device - locks the pallet to ensure safety.
  • Protective Guardrail - equipped with a safety switch design to ensure that the truck can start when completely closed.
  • Light and Fan - to provide the operator with a better driving and operating experience.
  • CURTIS Multi-function Display - shows battery status, performance, working hours, accelerator, speed, the wheel position, and traveling direction.
  • High Quality Mast - special mast material imported from Germany
Model Name OPS15
Load Capacity 1500 kg
Max Lifting Height 5000 / 7000 / 9000 mm
Rated Voltage 24 V / 700(1100) Ah
Traveling Speed (laden/unladen) 7.7 / 8 km/h
Lift Speed (laden/unladen) 0-0.15 / 0-0.28 m/s
Lowering Speed (laden/unladen) 0-0.28 / 0-0.3 m/s
Turning Radius 1800 mm
Service Weight 3870 kg
OPS15 Standard Configuration:
EPSAC System
Advanced electric power steering (EPS) is humanized design with automatic reset, height display, and automatic deceleration at high lifting levels.AC motor eliminates replacement of the carbon brush, provides good ramp starting performance and regenerative breaking functions.
Side-way BatteryLow-Battery Protection
Side-way battery design is convenient for exchanging and maintenance.Low battery protection setting prolongs the battery use time.
All order pickers can optionally be fitted with a Lithium battery.
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