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Thursday, 5 March 2020 ( #964 )
Introducing the all new Lithium Powered Forklift range from Fork Force Australia: The ultimate environmentally friendly addition to any warehouse. Fork Force Australia is proud to announce the newest editions to its Enforcer Smart Power range, namely the All Weather and Compact Warehouse Lithium Powered Forklifts. The lightweight design, flexibility, high level of efficient energy, maintenance-free batteries and long service life makes these the most reliable forklift range in its class, and the smartest investment for any business. According to Adrian Martin, General Manager - Quality and Product Support at Fork Force Australia, these forklifts were designed with the objective of achieving the smallest footprint, making it easier to operate in small tight spaces. "These forklifts are bridging the gap between Battery Electric and Internal Combustion forklifts; with shorter charge times, lower total cost of ownership, as well as a safer and cleaner operation is making Lithium Battery forklifts a very viable option," added Martin. Lithium technology is the latest advancement in forklift power which offers layers of qualities and each layer have several more benefits; creating an exponential wave of advantages for those looking to invest in a cleaner and greener working environment.
Lithium Powered Forklifts use Rapid Charging and Opportunity Charging that ensures continuous availability of the machines. You can now use the forklift for longer by charging during breaks and shifts changes and have a machine fully charged within two hours. "Compared to eight charging hours for Lead Acid Batteries, you are now reducing the need for costly back-up batteries and machines with the continuous availability of the Lithium powered forklift instead," said Martin. Upgrading to a Lithium powered forklift makes second and third shift batteries something of the past. This means you only need one battery per machine and stop worrying about removing it which, in turn, eliminates the risk of injury when changing batteries. "Where a lead acid battery may run for five to eight hours, a Lithium powered machine may run up to 20 hours, meaning there is less downtime. Not only does it need charging less often, it needs less total time to charge," Martin explains. The Enforcer Smart Power Lithium Powered forklift range uses an integrated Battery Management System that continually monitors energy management and ensures reliable operation. Not only does the Lithium Powered forklift range from Fork Force have less impact on the environment and zero emissions, there is also no need to check and refill water, no engine oil, no transmission and radiator fluids, or filters to dispose of. By making the switch to a Lithium Powered forklift, you are not only investing in the future of the planet, but also the future of your business - eliminating weekly LPG and fuel costs completely! Martin explains: "The average LPG gas powered forklift may cost up to $150 per week on running costs, comparing that to a Lithium Powered Forklift that may cost as little as $10 to run per week - that's a saving just shy of $30,000 over five years!"*
"Lithium battery cells are perhaps the more expensive technology, but we are seeing an increase in production volumes, which means these machines are becoming more economical for the Australian market," Martin added. The Enforcer Smart Power Lithium powered forklift range is safe to use in confined spaces such as warehouses, containers, underground carparks and construction sites. "Companies no longer have to allocate precious and expensive indoor space or battery rooms to house and charge forklifts, like they currently need to with their lead-acid electric forklifts." The newest Lithium powered forklifts have the same power capacity as their lead acid counterparts but with no gas emitted whatsoever, means they are much smoother, safer and easier to operate. This makes them a perfect match for the safer, cleaner and a more productive machine. "We are experiencing a slight shift in the market with more and more customers realising that environmental issues can't be ignored for much longer and it's important to understand the measures towards sustainability while generating business value," said Martin. The All-Weather Lithium Powered Forklift
The ALL WEATHER forklift range covers a range from 1.0T to 3.5T weight capacities and a variety of mast types ensuring all warehouse solutions are covered. Designed to be efficient, quiet and to provide a clean air working environment, The ALL WEATHER Lithium powered forklift offers the latest technology and ergonomics to provide optimum productivity. "Our All Weather Lithium powered forklift can, as the name suggests, be used in all-weather applications with an ingress protection rating of 4 (IPX4)". This innovation means that companies no longer need to purchase two forklifts, such as an LPG/Diesel and an Electric forklift, one for outdoors and one for indoors - they only need the one Lithium powered forklift. The All Weather Forklifts' performance can be compared to traditional fuel (petrol/LPG) forklift trucks, but with zero-emission. Making this the ultimate forklift alternative that can be used in all-weather conditions - even in the rain and snow. See the All Weather in action here! The Compact Warehouse Lithium Forklift
The COMPACT WAREHOUSE forklift range also covers a range from 1.0T to 3.5T weight capacities as well as a variety of mast options. Designed to work in tight spaces, makes this forklift the ultimate clean-running & low-noise warehouse solution. The Compact Warehouse enables you to easily move around in narrow aisles and confined spaces which increases the flexibility in day-to-day warehouse operations. See the COMPACT WAREHOUSE in action here! The Enforcer Smart Power Lithium Forklift range comes with a 5 years or 10,000 hours warranty. Although lithium powered forklifts come at a higher initial cost than their traditional lead acid counterparts, these machines may last up to five times longer and, as the above benefits continue to intersect with each other and promote further benefits, the ROI grows exponentially too. DON'T BE FUELLED! Get in on Fork Force's pre-launch deals quick and do your part for a cleaner and greener working environment! For more information about the Enforcer Smart Power Lithium range, click here, or give us a call to discuss your material handling needs on 1300 42 3675.
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