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Thursday, 5 March 2020 ( #964 )
PowerBatt is a cost reducing, environmentally sensitive solution for managing traction battery power, expense and efficiency, which will not force your company into the risky budget busting unknown of new technology. It is the simple chemistry of a revolutionary product named PowerBatt! What is PowerBatt? PowerBatt is a scientifically proven, 100% organic liquid additive that addresses the most significant problems with lead batteries: sulfation and degradation of lead plates. PowerBatt effectively reverses battery sulfation, increases porosity and strength of active mass, and eliminates "brown mud". By reversing the damage caused by sulfation, a battery destined for the recycle bin is returned to "like new condition". This fact has been proven through testing, documentation, certifications and industry customer use. To better understand; let's take a closer look at lithium ion batteries which are the new "go to" option for the forklift industry. While the benefits of lithium ion are all hyped through the industry these days, little attention is being given to some simple realities:
  • Cost - Lithium ion batteries cost 4x more than their lead-acid counterparts on average.
  • Ballast - There are inherent ballast issues due to the light weight of lithium ion batteries.
  • Equipment Connection - Current forklifts are not designed for lithium ion batteries. Forklifts must often be modified to fit the new batteries.
  • Inspection Requirements - Despite their zero maintenance claims, lithium ion batteries still require periodic inspection of cables, terminals, etc.
  • End of Life - Lithium ion batteries' end of life cycle is not as straight forward as lead-acid batteries. While 99% of lead-acid batteries are recycled, only 5% of lithium ion batteries undergo a recycling process. In addition, lead-acid batteries are less costly to recycle than lithium ion because most manufacturers include recycling costs into the price of the product.
Is lithium ion really the future? Maybe, maybe not? A deep dive into the mining, production and environmental issues of lithium might tell a different story. PowerBatt Battery Life Extender is the future of all lead acid battery maintenance programs, based on performance, cost / benefit analysis and environmental concerns. PowerBatt battery life extender is the easiest and most cost effective way of resolving the pressing issues of the traction battery industry. Adding PowerBatt Battery Life Extender to your traction battery maintenance program is the best ROI you will find anywhere in the industry. Chemistry doesn't lie and neither do the numbers on your bottom line. Seven definitive PowerBatt benefits:
  • Minimizes costs connected to the use of lead-acid batteries by extending battery life up to 100%, increasing capacity and performance.
  • Increases the efficiency, functionality and reliability of lead-acid batteries.
  • Prevents early battery replacement and decreases energy consumption while lowering levels of CO2 emissions.
  • Protects environment by lowering lead waste in the environment and reducing disposal frequency. PowerBatt is 100% organic and the only true green product of its kind in the world.
  • PowerBatt application is very fast and easy; it neither adds nor releases anything from the battery not already present.
  • Saves expenses connected to waste disposal and financial losses caused by declining equipment performance.
  • Decreases the cost of lead acid battery programs up to 85% and maintains full compatibility with existing equipment and service procedures.
  • PowerBatt's unique composition subdues the natural processes of battery degeneration, which is considered to be irreversible by industry standards.
PowerBatt's formulation originated from years of battery life extension research to benefit the Czechoslovak Military. This decades long quest began at the Slovak Technical University of Technology, in Bratislava, Slovakia in the 1970's. Successful performance testing ultimately resulted in PowerBatt being certified by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). PowerBatt represents a breakthrough solution in the dynamic battery regeneration industry. The performance of PowerBatt products is scientifically customer proven. This fact is confirmed by numerous patents and certificates from independent institutions, as well as existing customers worldwide. Detailed scientific test results and government certified expert opinions are available upon request. PowerBatt products are currently available in the following countries: USA, CAN, GER, FR, ESP, DEN, CZ, SK, CRO, SLO, SRB, MAC, RUS, POL, ROM, NED, IDN, MA, CHN, THI, ISR, TUR, AUS. In closing, please remember to visit our website / We will bring your forklift batteries back to life, saving thousands of dollars in the process. The fleet will be healthy and your department will save greatly. The long term effect... A new, more effective maintenance program, doubling the life of your forklift batteries, restoring peak efficiency and saving thousands of dollars in the process, a good day indeed! Seeing is believing so don't hesitate to contact us for more information, a trial sample or if you wish to become our distributor. Manufacturer / European Distributor:
LBG Energy, s.r.o.
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