Mobicon Straddle Carriers - Lighter, No Wire Ropes and Faster

Thursday, 27 February 2020 ( #963 )
A Mobicon can go in yards where no other container handler can go. "The cost of a yard surface is one of those hidden costs that some operators do not fully recognise," Tom Schults, the Managing Director of Mobicon Systems said. "We have seen many cases where the client bought a cheap container handler, only to later find out that their yard surface was not designed to withstand their high point loadings. Many of these clients had to re-surface their yard for hundreds of thousands of dollars. "A low point loading (the weight that a wheel, or a dual wheel combination puts on the surface) is extremely important, and we successfully reduced the weight by more than 1,000 kg without reducing the structural integrity," Schults said. All Mobicons have eight load-points and combined with their low weight they have the lowest footprint of any container handler in the world, meaning that Mobicons can be used where no other container handler can go. We build on our reputation of being "yard friendly" by continuously looking for further weight savings to give our clients even more confidence that their yard will stand up to container movements. Click on this link for an explanation of the result of high wheel loads on your yard. No Wire Ropes - increased safety and low costs by using hydraulic lifting We learnt from our clients that they do not like the safety aspects and high maintenance of using wire ropes. Wire ropes need regular maintenance (greasing of the ropes) and they need to be replaced with high frequency, adding costs and putting the unit out of service for extended periods. The sheaves used with wire ropes are also a maintenance concern as the bearings can collapse. Mobicon Systems is now the only Straddle Carrier Manufacturer that can lift containers two-high without using wire ropes and sheaves. This is achieved by "two stage lifting", using hydraulic cylinders for each stage. Tom Schults said that this system is maintenance free and much safer than using wire ropes.
Transporter Mobicon Fast There has been a demand for a "Fast Transporter Straddle Carrier", for companies in a high container turnover environment who just need to pick up containers and transport them over a longer distance (mostly in large container yards or ports). To accommodate these clients, Mobicon designed a fast (20km/h, 12.5 miles/h) straddle carrier. Cabin on top In these environments, the operator will be in the cabin for several hours, in contrast to the operation of a low throughput intermodal yard, where the operator must get into the cabin up to 20 times a day. The "Mobicon Transporter" therefore has the cabin on top, which gives the operator a better view of the surroundings. It also allows for space to enlarge the cabin, increasing the comfort for the operator.
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