Lithium Ion is the Powerhouse Energy Choice for Cold Storage Facilities

Thursday, 20 February 2020 ( #962 )
As online food ordering continues to expand, together with increased food demand from the growing population, the need for cold storage space is rapidly increasing and driving the expansion of cold storage facilities. Cold storage facilities present challenges to the standard material handling fleet because it can be difficult to find an energy source that will perform well in the low temperatures and provide flexibility for charging locations. Based on product variances, the average temperatures in cold storage facilities usually range between 3° C and -20° C. In this type of environment, forklifts, pallet jacks, and AGV's have a hard time meeting performance expectations. In these extreme conditions, a material handling fleet utilizing a lead acid energy source can suffer dramatically. Lead acid batteries have the potential to freeze at low temperatures causing irreparable damage to the cells. Depending on the state of charge, lead acid batteries may not provide peak performance and capacity will quickly diminish.
Green Cubes Technology batteries are not officially licensed by Toyota.
Green Cubes Technology batteries are not officially licensed by Toyota.
Green Cubes Technology's Lithium SAFEFlex battery systems provide the power to perform consistently and efficiently in cold environments. GCT's Lithium SAFEFlex choice of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) was selected for its excellent cold temperature performance, along with its high cycle life and safe operation. The zero-maintenance LFP allows for flexible equipment storage, without the need for watering or acid residue cleaning typical of lead acid batteries. When combined with internal heaters, these systems offer superior performance in even the coldest, harshest facilities. The proven Lithium SAFEFlex system has minimum charging and discharging temperatures of -15° C. The internal heater system is designed to operate during the overnight charging either in the facilitiy or directly in the trucks. When the battery temperature is lowered, the intelligent GCT control system enables the heaters to prevent the battery temperature from reaching a point too low to charge and prevents cell damage. This flexible charging platform provides cost, efficiency and space savings - employees do not have to relocate the equipment to a specific charging area each night whereas the option to charge the batteries in the truck frees up valuable facility space that can be utilized for additional product storage. Green Cubes Technology's advances in cold storage power demonstrate our team's experience, ingenuity and commitment to provide innovative and efficient power solutions to support our customers' evolving market demands. For more information about Green Cubes Technology's Lithium SAFEFlex for cold storage facilities, email us or call +1 (502) 416-1060.
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