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Ravas acquires LTS Scale

Wednesday, 20 November 2019 ( #950 ) - Dordrecht, Netherlands
LTS Scale's Legacy Lift Truck Scale
LTS Scale's Legacy Lift Truck Scale
Ravas has acquired LTS Scale to further develop the US market for mobile scales integrated in hand pallet jacks, warehouse trucks and forklift trucks, and consequently grow market share.

Since 1994, LTS Scale has been a renowned manufacturer of high-precision forklift scales.

The company will be owned and managed by Ravas.

In a statement, the Dutch company confirms that the acquisition of LTS is in line with its ambition to become "the preferred global partner for innovative and quality mobile weighing solutions, supported by excellent services".

Niels van den Berg, CEO of Ravas, explains: "Recently, we have redefined our mission, vision and worldwide business strategy. We consider the United States to be one of the main growing markets in our mobile weighing sector. The combination of the LTS product range, with more NTEP-certified scales, and a professional sales and service organisation will enable us to further expand our marketshare in the US. We strongly believe that LTS is the right partner to support us in achieving our US-based business goals."

Michael David, president/CFO of LTS Scale, welcomes the addition of Ravas products, solutions and expertise to the LTS Scale offering. "This will increase our sales scope and operational efficiency significantly," he says.

LTS Scale Company was founded in 1994 by Ken Filing, owner of the Filing Scale Company of Twinsburg, Ohio. LTS developed an innovative truck lift-mounted scale and quickly became the industry leader in mobile weighing.

LTS Scale claims to be the first scale company to receive NTEP (Legal for Trade) certification for its mobile weighing solutions.

Today, LTS Scale offers scale systems with advanced metrology and computing devices that support wireless data transfer and operations automation software.

Ravas says the LTS Scale brand name will remain active until further notice.
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