Turn your forklift into a scale with our on-board hydraulic forklift scale

Thursday, 1 August 2019 ( #934 )
Turn your forklift into a scale with our on-board hydraulic forklift scale made in the USA! Our full feature forklift scale works with forklifts, front end loaders, skid steers, tractors, and most machines that have a hydraulic lifting system. Our forklift scale allows you to lift the load and read the weight in the same process and is built with a water-resistant corrosion proof enclosure that can withstand any type of environment from snow, wind, rain, and direct sunlight. This system has an accuracy of 98% or better! FEATURES:
  • 5000 PSI (temperature compensated) sensor. For harsh environments and extreme temperatures.
  • Accuracy error is +/- 1-2% of lift capacity.
  • Visual Overload alarm - adjustable alarm to "visually" alert and warn the operator of potential overload problem
  • The scale's capacity has no limit and will be the same as the machine's capacity.
  • Display mounted for easy viewing and operation without interfering with the operators view.
  • Highly efficient super bright LED display. 6 digits .56" high.
  • Water-resistant, corrosion proof, display enclosure with stainless steel adjustable stand/mount. ABS Sealed. Measures 6.5" x 3.5" x 2.25" without stand.
  • Weight totalization feature. Can add multiple loads for a total weight. Allows for accumulation when loading or unloading. Each weight can be stored and totaled.
  • "Lock-on-Weight" feature that keeps the weight on display.
  • A "reweigh" button for "lock-on-weight" to recall weight without reloading the scale.
  • Adjustable motion detection and threshold for "lock-on-weight".
  • Adjustable sample weight.
  • Display modes for current load or total weight.
  • Full range push button zero, tare.
  • Tee fitting is not included and can be found at your local parts store. 1/4 Inch NPT male threads on sensor.
  • Installation: 60-120 mins approximately.
  • Graduation: Weighs in 10lb increments up to 10,000 lbs. and 50 lb. increments above 10,000 lb. capacity.
  • Powered off the machine battery. Comes standard 12v. For electric forklifts with a power of (24v, 36v, or 48v) please choose appropriate converter at checkout.
  • 12 Feet of cable for hook up.
  • A known weight load of at least 10% capacity should be used for final calibration on site.
  • Adjustable parameters for automatic weight capture and capture and add for front-end-loaders.
  • Humidity: 0 to 80% non-condensing.
  • Sensor operating temperature: -40c to 125c (-40f to 257f).
  • 60,000 internal resolutions.
  • 1-year MFG warranty.
  • Not legal for trade.
AVAILABLE OPTIONS: Audio Overload Warning Option: When the overload feature is used, a warning light, sound alarm and a flashing display will activate when the weight exceeds the overload setting. The user can set the overload warning to go off at their pre-determined overload weight. NOTE: A visual (not audio) overload alarm is now standard with all units. Load Monitor Option: The "Load Monitor" unit gives the operator a secondary display showing load information for easier loading to target values. The monitor can be used on forklifts and bucket loaders. The system can be setup to view the weight on the forks or bucket as it goes up, or view it going from the target weight setting down toward zero. The accumulated total can be viewed also. This total can be displayed going up or from a target setting going down from the target allowing the operator to see how much more to load to reach the target load total. There are two LED alarm lights to indicate when the target weight values are reached. One is for a current weight on the forks or bucket, and the other is for the accumulated load total. There is also an audible alarm that can sound when either or both alarm settings are reached. The "Current" alarm and "Load" alarm weight values are set with the front panel buttons. Integrate this scale with our load monitor display. For more information about the load monitor, please click on the "Extended Information" tab above. Printer Options:
  • Thermal roll paper printer mounted to the forklift. Prints load weight or total weight.
  • Label printer prints on 2" x 4" labels (larger labels available). Prints load weight or total weight.
  • Add time & date to print with any printer choice.
  • Add a wireless printer package for communication to a desk top printer as shown in pictures. This option is specially configured to work only with the TR-1-NK-HE. This package comes with ConnexLink wireless long-range modem and printer.
The standard features provide for easy setup and calibration and simple interface to optional printers or computers. This system is easy to use and cost efficient compared to systems priced at $3500 and up. THIS SCALE IS A GOOD WEIGHT ESTIMATOR AND IS NOT "Legal for Trade". Hanging Scales We offer a wide range of wireless and wired hanging scales/crane scales. 3,000 lb. - 100,000 lb. capacities. About Us Scale Dynasty is division of Tara Systems, a US based manufacturing company of commercial and industrial weighing equipment. We specialize in on-board weighing systems for forklifts, lift-trucks, and front-end loaders. These scale systems save time and money by turning weighing into a one-step operation.
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