STAXX Multifunction Intelligent Handle Saves Time, Labor and Service Costs

Wednesday, 12 June 2019 ( #927 )
The STAXX Multifunction Intelligent Handle can save your business time, labour and service costs. STAXX Multifunction Intelligent Handle is available on light duty full electric stacker PWS-i and WS-ei Series. I. Vehicle operation status display II. Quick Error detecting III. All maintenance information visualized IV. Turtle Speed function V. Up-right driving function
Operation status display Showing real-time working status : GREEN indicates the function is active.
Engineering interface How to enter Engineering interface: Under operation status display interface, press and hold the Turtle button for 10 seconds; Press and hold the Turtle button for 10 seconds to return to the Operation status display interface.
Signal indication : GREEN indicates the function is active. a. LOCK: Interlock switch status b. Belly: Emergency reverse switch status c. BRAKE: Electromagnetic brake status d. HORN: Horn switch indication. e. FWD: Forward driving status f. REV: Backward driving status g. UP: Lifting status h. DOWN: Lowering status. i. UpLim: Lifting height limitations status j. UpRun: Up right drive status k. CREEP: Turtle speed status l. CONT: Contactor status FOR EXAMPLE: If the customer claimed the truck couldn't drive but could still lift up. With traditional Handle: SEND A TECHNICIAN TO CHECK AT THE CUSTOMER'S SITE. 1. Check if controller has error code flashing to determine the failure direction. 2. Check if the interlock switch is good or not, with visual checking or multi-meter. 3. Check if the brake is active or not, with sound checking or multi-meter. 4. Check if the forward/backward signal and accelerator are in good condition or not, using multi-meter. 5. Check if the contactor is connected or not, by sound checking and visual checking. After on-site visit, technicians can determine the problem and then replace parts or go back to take the parts and visit customer again to fix the problem. Professional Technicians requested! Time consuming! High labor cost! High service cost! With STAXX Multifunction Intelligent Handle NO NEED TO SEND A TECHNICIAN to CUSTOMER'S SITE! 1. Instruct customer to shift screen to Engineering Interface on phone. 2. Error code display on handle can diagnose failure easily and quickly. 3. Ask customer to push throttle forward and backward. 4. In below picture shows: LOCK, FWD/REV, BRAKE, CONT. if any icon is not in Green when operating forward, it means that part is broken or faulty. 5. Diagnose the problem and broken parts quickly and easily, take the parts or send the parts to customer for replacement and solve the problem. Easy and quick! Service cost saving! Professional technicians not required!
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