Ensure no one gets hurt by moving forklifts on your site

Thursday, 16 May 2019 ( #923 )
Forklifts are extremely heavy vehicles.
Forklift Pedestrian Sensor saves lives
Forklift Pedestrian Sensor saves lives
Being used to lift, stack and transfer heavy loads in worksites such as warehouses, factories, construction yards, freight terminals and shipping yards there is an ever-present danger for pedestrians getting too close. If you own a business that uses forklifts on site, you know they're dangerous when they aren't treated with respect. You know they can inflict serious damage upon worksite property and worse, cause injuries or even death. The human and financial cost of forklift-related accidents is extremely high. But the reality is, many forklift incidents can be avoided by keeping your people a safe distance away. Often, it's difficult to separate pedestrians from forklifts and other heavy plant. A lot of situations and sites require pedestrians and heavy vehicles to work near each other. Your workers are only human; the risk of injury or death will always be prominent on your worksite. Because of this, you need to protect people from the accidents that may come from poor visibility, blind-spots, fatigue, inattention and non-compliance. One of the best ways to stop a worst-case scenario from eventuating, is to implement a pedestrian safety warning system as an on-site control. Our "BodyGuard i-Tag" system keeps pedestrians separate and safe away from the danger of moving vehicles. In the event a pedestrian gets too close to a forklift, the driver gets a clear warning to brake immediately. The warning gives the driver a chance to brake and avoid a potentially fatal accident. BodyGuard i-Tag keeps your people and forklifts apart for a much safer work environment. We highly recommend that our system be implemented as part of your worksite's forklift safety protocol. The system is already trusted by BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Toll Group.
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