Two Birds with one Apple

Thursday, 30 August 2018 ( #887 )
Agriculture has had another successful year, despite all the usual challenges and further exacerbated by water issues. The question then is how are farmers still surviving, what are they doing that the common consumer is not? It is not to say that all farmers are making it, times are tough and some do fall by the wayside. In short, farmers are adaptable and mutable, constantly adjusting their crops and processes to ensure greater harvest and more efficiency. We need to remember that farmers having been living with harsh conditions for generations and have learned a few tricks of the trade. Very few sayings are more apt than the traditional South African saying, "A boer maak 'n plan" (a farmer makes a plan). Conserving resources and adapting waste/trash for other uses is already second nature for farmers. Average Joe, the consumer is only now playing catch up. Most farmers repurpose the same items for multiple applications. We can learn a lot from them. One of the newer trends for example, is using the same management systems on different types of equipment. A good example of this is FMX which is traditionally used to monitor Forklifts but now also increasingly tractors too. Farmers like to see all their assets in a single view and make sure that all are performing as they should, effectively taking out two birds with one apple.
Not only is this generally good practice, but it also buffers the bottom line. A poor harvest can be offset at least in part by ensuring that operational costs such as fuel, maintenance and labour costs etc. are managed effectively and culprits where relevant are identified. FMX does exactly that. The astute farmer, and other industries such as warehousing, retail, logistics, production and others all know that FMX brings them an unsurpassed measure of control. If it does not say FMX then it's simply not FMX and you get what you pay for.
FMX still has the highest volume of features versus any other product on the market. We also do not just tell you about how great the product is without any proof - we ask you to test it. Capex is hard to come by, so make sure you do your homework. Features such as Excess Idle Cut Out, Battery Management, Engine and Transmission Protection, Access Control, Impact detection, Web Based Reporting, Standalone options and Refurbishment are only a very small part of what FMX offers. When your budget is so tight that you cannot breathe, let out a notch in your belt with FMX.
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