Keytroller Introduces First Access and Monitoring System for Small Fleet

Thursday, 7 June 2018 ( #875 )
Tampa, Fla. - It's estimated that 51 percent of all warehouse and manufacturing facilities in North America have less than nine forklifts in operation. Most of these companies are currently not completing pre-shift checklists on their forklifts, therefore, they are not in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) daily checklist requirements. This puts them at risk for substantial fines and hefty liability exposure for "driving unsafe equipment'-especially if there is an injury. Keytroller, an I.D. Systems company, is now unleashing a new access and monitoring solution designed exclusively for the needs and budgets of small forklift fleets - the Keytroller 106--Bluetooth. The Keytroller 106 is an easy-to-use, inexpensive solution that works right out of the box. The system doesn't require IT support or WiFi; ensuring fleet managers can effortlessly obtain the data they need. "In today's forklift industry, access and monitoring devices have been designed to fit the needs of large fleets, which has left small fleets completely neglected and vulnerable," explains Terry Wickman, Founder and President of Keytroller with over 40 years of forklift industry experience. "It's very disturbing, especially since small fleets overwhelmingly account for the majority of warehouse forklift fatalities. For this reason, we are thrilled to introduce the market our Bluetooth Keytroller 106."
Using Bluetooth technology, the Keytroller 106 connects seamlessly to any iPhone and iPad - allowing users to review data on-the-go through the easy to use Bluetooth IPad/IPhone 106 app. Features:
  • affordable----less expensive than WiFi and Cellular models
  • Multi-language in firmware and IPad/IPhone app (English, German, French, Spanish)
  • Installs on any make or model forklift or equipment vehicle;
    • Internal combustion (Gas, LPG, Diesel) 12 or 24VDC
    • Electric 36-48VDC
    • Electric 80VDC (with optional converter)
  • Keyless ignition system using code of RFID card;
  • Ignition on hour meter built in
  • Programmable pre-shift electronic checklist;
  • If critical checklist item fails, the vehicle shuts down and waits for supervisor to clear;
  • Connects to seatbelt and seat switch - device can time out and shut down from either;
  • If driver has abusive impact: alarm sounds, an event is generated and the ignition shuts down;
  • If driver's code/card is expiring soon, it is warned on the LCD display;
  • If maintenance is due (by date or hour meter reading), it is warned on the LCD display;
  • No connection to CANBUS or vehicle computer
  • Can be removed, reprogrammed and reinstalled on a different machine
  • No IT or networking assistance is required for wireless setup;
  • Automatically connects to IPAD/IPHONE app when in Bluetooth range
  • NO COST for data! No monthly subscription fees! Data for OSHA compliance!
Here's how Bluetooth communication + iPad software works:
  • Client must purchase iPad and download 106 app;
  • With iPad or iPhone on, device must be "Bluetooth synced" to each 106 device;
  • When forklift devices are in range of app, automatic connect and transmit of event data;
  • When in range, supervisor programs user credentials, settings and checklist items into devices;
  • Event database holds forklift event logs for approximately 360 days (depending on fleet size);
  • Forklift event data can be filtered by driver, forklift, event, time and data;
  • Create custom reports and charts - export to be printed in PDF or Excel format;
  • Drivers are made accountable for shift start times, break times, lunch times and end day finish times;
  • NO WIFI OR IT INVOLVEMENT! Works right out of the box!
Reasons cited for smaller fleet users NOT currently using forklift monitoring systems are:
  • Too expensive (solved by Keytroller LCD 106-B)
  • Too hard to install (solved by Keytroller LCD 106-B)
  • Too complicated to use (solved by LCD 106-B)
  • Too much IT involvement needed (solved by Keytroller LCD 106-B)
  • Too much data, charts, graphs: It's forklift data!!! We aren't launching the space shuttle here - we keep it simple yet informative!
Simple installation
  1. Relay module connects to:
    1. Ignition key switch (2 wires for EL, 3 wires for IC)
    2. External flashing siren alarm
  2. Weatherproof in cable connector
    1. Allows for easy change of relay module
  3. 3 additional inputs---from keypad cable
    1. Seat belt
    2. Seat switch
    3. Low oil---High temp OR External Shock Sensor
  4. Connection to power - from keypad cable
    1. Connection to DC power and ground (negative)
Eliminates keys
  1. Start + Stop engine directly from keypad
  2. Auto log off after driver leaves seat or seat belt
  3. Seat belt and seat switch sequence knows if operator "sits" on buckled seatbelt
  4. IP-67 --- Can be pressure washed
  5. CE rated and certified
  6. Add client's logo to the intro page of device
Menu allows Supervisor to access device settings and recent event right on LCD display
  1. Log on credentials for codes or RFID cards
    1. Programmer
    2. Supervisor
    3. Mechanic
    4. Operator
  2. Granularity allows menu access to Programmer and Supervisors to review recent events and look at settings
Dealer pricing:
  1. Dealer cost on our new 106-LCD-B Bluetooth access monitoring system is considerably less than existing WiFi and Cellular systems with similar features and benefits. Call or email Keytroller factory for dealer pricing and availability
  2. Dealers with competitive WiFi systems will be extremely interested in this system because ALL forklift dealers have customers with small fleets and this system fits the bill! We welcome ALL inquiries and look forward to speaking with ANY dealer.
Dealer demo program:
  1. Keytroller is offering special incentives to dealers for tabletop demo kits.
  2. This demo kit will allow a dealer to completely demonstrate the capabilities of this remarkable device and connect via Bluetooth to his IPad or IPhone ---showing the client the ease of use and useful of the device in complying with OSHA regulations.
  3. Call Keytroller today to discuss the dealer demo program---and start making your forklift offerings a lot more saleable for small fleets!
For more information view website: or contact KEYTROLLER, LLC. 813-877-4500 or email: send a message or visit the KEYTROLLER ShopFront.
About Keytroller, LLC Keytroller, an I.D. Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:IDSY) company, is committed to the design, manufacture and supply of proprietary safety devices designed for forklifts, construction equipment, aerial lifts, personnel carriers and transport trucks. Originally established in 1988, Keytroller is headquartered in Tampa, FL and enjoys relationships with over 500 North American equipment dealers (aftermarket) many OEM vehicle manufacturers (installed as original equipment). Importers of our products are in England, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Middle East, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Chile and Colombia. In 2017, Keytroller was acquired by NASDAQ listed I.D. Systems, Inc. (IDSY) and operates as a fully owned subsidiary. Visit or or call 813-877-4500 for more information.