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Wednesday, 28 March 2018 ( #865 )
Delta-Q Technologies adds J1939 capabilities
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Delta-Q Technologies has expanded its capabilities to support the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J1939 standards in its battery charging solutions. Delta-Q now offers the two CAN bus communication protocols: CANopen and J1939.
J1939 is the preferred CAN standard for in-vehicle networks for vehicles in various fields including materials handling.
The expansion to J1939 provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the ability to integrate the battery charger's data into a vehicle system, which includes telematic applications, in a simple and functional manner.
"As one of the few charging solutions to offer this capability, we're excited to better support our customers that use this protocol standard across their products," says Trent Punnett, Delta-Q's vice president of sales, marketing and product management. "With the goal to constantly evolve and serve our customers' needs, the new ability to meet J1939 requirements opens opportunities for our OEM customers in system level design and support to integrate chargers into equipment needing telematics."

The Solideal AIR 550
The Solideal AIR 550
Camso launches new AIR tyres
Magog, QC, Canada

Camso has added three new industrial pneumatic tyres for forklifts and ground support equipment, aimed primarily at markets in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.
The Solideal AIR 550, AIR 570 and AIR 561 manufactured by Camso will replace Solideal ED Plus, Solideal RIB LUG and Solideal ZZ RIB, respectively, promising greater durability and performance without compromising price.
"Even though more forklifts run on solid tyres nowadays, there are still many that require the use of pneumatic tyres," explains Thierry Miche, product line executive director - material handling at Camso. "Industrial pneumatic tyres are preferred for outdoor operations on uneven and rough surfaces and for long-distance runs, or in regions where service is less accessible. Unfortunately, these market segments' needs can sometimes be overlooked." Acknowledging the specific requirements of these industrial pneumatic applications, Camso developed the new tyre lineup after much testing and customer visits to provide customers with exactly the right product for their applications.

JLG shows low-level access solutions
Baltimore, MD, United States

JLG Industries showed select low-level access solutions, vertical lifts and compact crawler booms at the National Facilities Management & Technology Expo in Baltimore last week.
"This is an important show for JLG as we continue to expand our offering of purpose-built equipment for facilities management. Our machines are frequently used both indoors and outdoors across a range of tasks," says Randy Marzicola, director, channel development for JLG Industries, Inc.
The display included the JLG FT70 and FT140 LiftPod models, the EcoLift 50 and EcoLift 70 human-powered lifts and the 10MSP, the newest in the JLG line of vertical lifts.
JLG also had a 3-D model previewing its X1000AJ, which will be available to customers later this year.
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