Christmas is a time for giving

Thursday, 24 November 2016 ( #797 )
For many of you who read this, it may go unnoticed that there are many children right here in Australia who will go without for Christmas this year. Hardship and circumstance has dealt some of our young people across the nation little to look forward to in the lead up to the festive season. A time that is typically meant to be filled with family, joy, togetherness and our annual reminder to be thankful for the people who bless our life. All year there's an Australian charity, The Smith Family, who commit time and resources to deliver essential items and memorable moments to disadvantaged youth across 94 communities. Christmas is no exception! The charity has a simple history that is now enriched with purpose and legacy. In 1922 5 businessmen (much like yourself) set out on Christmas eve to visit a local orphanage delivering gifts and sweets. Each man referred to himself simply as "Smith" and this is when The Smith Family was born. Unfortunately, it's not just Christmas when young people go with out. A hardship that is not just endured at Christmas time but all year long. If you have been touched by this - there is a way you can help. Every year a Toy & Book drive is organised by The Smith Family across our major capitals cities. Essential items and gifts are sent to children who won't be able to celebrate Christmas due to hardship. Donations of all kinds and sizes are welcome and if you would like more information please contact The Smith Family here. If you would like to make a monetary donation, you can find the link to do so here. Here are some of the brilliant achievements of this wonderful Australian charity:
  • They are Australia's largest education-orientated charity
  • Over 34,000 young people are supported through their Learning for Life sponsorship's.
  • Over 124,000 families received support last year from program participation.
  • 82c to the dollar goes towards funding the programs - that's a staggering amount that goes back in to the charity by comparison.
  • They actively participate in Australian children advocacy and have made submissions to over 600,000 initiatives to better youth opportunity and care.
Lencrow Materials Handling has proudly been supporting The Smith Family Christmas Appeal annually and it our hope that you can too. If you would like to know more about Lencrow donate to the charity please feel free to contact them directly here. Lencrow Materials Handling is an Australian owned and family operated business that has been delivering holistic forklift and materials handling services for 40 years.
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