RAVAS iForks and App provide SOLAS container weights

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RAVAS iForks and App provide SOLAS container weights
RAVAS iForks and App provide SOLAS container weights
Two methods are allowed: weighing the packed container (Method n.1), or weighing all individual items in the container (Method n.2). With iForks on the forklift, every pallet lifted is immediately weighed, without taking the goods out of the process. Using the RAVAS SOLAS App, total container weights are easily computed and communicated with all stakeholders in the supply chain, including the shipping company.

The advantages of SOLAS Method n.2, determining container weights by weighing individual items
The advantages of SOLAS Method n.2, determining container weights by weighing individual items
The advantages of SOLAS Method n.2, determining container weights by weighing individual items:
  • Weight information available early, senders can make changes without missing their ship
  • No overloaded containers during road transport to the port
  • Highly accurate weight information, certified OIML III
  • Efficient weighing, no driving back and forth to weighbridges
  • Information available on individual shipments within containers
SOLAS requires verified gross mass of all sea containers

Amendments to the SOLAS regulations (Safety Of Life At Sea) require that as of July 1st 2016 the Verified Gross Mass of containers must be made known to the carrier before loading them onto a ship. It's up to the forwarder to provide the certified weight to the carrier. The carriers use the weight data for their stowing plans, forwarding the information to port terminals, where random weight checks will be performed on containers. Containers with incorrect weight will be refused and left at the terminal.

The IMO (International Maritime Organisation) has decided that container weights may be determined by either weighing the packed container (Method n.1) or by weighing the individual items in the container (Method n.2). RAVAS supplies the mobile scales and the connectivity to make individual pallet weights and shipments available throughout the supply chain.

iForks weigh individual shipments early in the chain

iForks is the successful wireless mobile scale for forklift trucks from RAVAS. With iForks on the truck, every load lifted is immediately weighed. iForks provide a highly accurate weight read-out in 1 kg steps on a display in the cabin, and are available in legal for trade version OIML III. Extended scale functions include registering of ID codes with every weight recorded. iForks also communicate bi-directionally with WMS or ERP systems, via Bluetooth or Wifi connection. iForks can be installed on any counterbalanced or reach truck in a matter of minutes.

iForks provide complete flexibility in the logistic chain. Individual pallets or shipments can be weighed on the forklift while packing the container, computing the container weight on the fly. But the weight of these pallets or shipments can also be sampled earlier in the chain, for example when offloading an incoming shipment from a freight truck, feeding individual weights into a WMS or ERP system that then computes the container weight when compiling its loading list. Weighing early provides many advantages: information becomes available earlier, allowing senders that have declared incorrect pallet weights to change their freight documents without missing their ship. In the end, weighing individual shipments leads to more accurate container weights and therefore more safety at sea.

SOLAS App computes and communicates container weights
SOLAS App computes and communicates container weights
SOLAS App computes and communicates container weights

For efficient computing of container weights, RAVAS offers its SOLAS App. The App can be installed on a PDA, iPad or iPhone. After identifying the container by its number and registering its tare weight, the App allows the user to identify individual pallets or shipments and register their weight, communicated by iForks. Total container weight is computed and registered on the PDA, and can be downloaded to a PC via USB cable as a CSV file. If the App is used on an iPad or iPhone, the information can be e-mailed to the shipping company straight from the App.

For more information on SOLAS solutions, contact RAVAS, send an email or go to www.ravas.com.

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About RAVAS (www.ravas.com)

RAVAS manufactures and distributes weighing systems integrated in hand pallet trucks, warehouse trucks and forklift trucks. These mobile weighing systems enable companies to realize immediate cost savings, to make their internal logistics more efficient, to raise the quality of their products and services and thus increase client satisfaction. In today's world of integrated information RAVAS strives to give all its products optimal connectivity. This means that weight information from RAVAS mobile scales can be easily integrated with other information about material flows. The resulting data set can be fed directly into an ERP or WMS system.


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