Customer service that revolutionizes forklift management

Thursday, 6 November 2014 ( #692 )
Toyota is a company with a unique working philosophy that has become an inspiring role model throughout the world and across all industries: the Toyota Production system (TPS). For instance, when applied in forklift production, TPS means that all elements are checked at all stages of the process. It also means continuous improvement (Kaizen).
Discover the Toyota Service Concept (TSC)
Toyota Service Concept (TSC) follows the same philosophy as TPS and applies the same values at the service level. It reflects the type of thinking that revolutionised manufacturing and adapts it to suit the requirements of customer service for industrial products. One of the first initiatives taken with the TSC philosophy was to eliminate paper from the service processes and set up advanced online systems for the service technicians. By having immediate access to online tools, Toyota's highly trained technicians can easily work on any truck anywhere -a unique flexibility complemented with the services of a back-up staff who are permanently connected, offering full support during the technicians' numerous customer visits. Toyota is thus able to offer a complete, intelligent, cost-efficient truck service. Considering that some 3.5 million service calls are made every year, the Toyota Service Concept way of working, ensures top level efficiency and the reliability which the customers need. "Like TPS, Toyota Service Concept focuses on values such as Kaizen - continuous improvement - and Genchi Genbutsu - going to the source to find facts and correct decisions," says Hans van Leeuwen, EVP After Sales & Logistics Solutions at Toyota Material Handling Europe. One important part of the TSC philosophy is to ask customers for feedback and listen to their requests so as to better meet their present needs and future expectations. "During the latest 2 years more than 10,000 service customers have rated our service performance at a satisfaction level above 90%. Their feedback is extremely valuable for us and we will, no doubt, continue to listen to our customers and evolve with them," says Hans Van Leeuwen.
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