CYBERWATCH LAN: a VERY inexpensive way to monitor machinery usage

Thursday, 12 December 2013 ( #646 )
CYBERWATCH  LAN: an inexpensive way to monitor the usage of various machinery - Click for larger view
CYBERWATCH LAN: an inexpensive way to monitor the usage of various machinery - Click for larger view

Keytroller's CYBERWATCH LAN is a VERY inexpensive way to monitor the usage of various machinery in a plant---like forklifts, cranes, pumps, generators, compressors etc. The device communicates through the client's WiFi network---SO THERE ARE NO WIRELESS COMMUNICATION COSTS!! With CYBERWATCH LAN units installed on their machinery, the client can remotely monitor up for 4 separate hour meter inputs. Alternatively, up to 3 of these inputs can be configured as an alarm. The unit is also available with optional GPS.

The device communicates through the client's WiFi network: NO WIRELESS COMMUNICATION COSTS! -Click for larger view
The device communicates through the client's WiFi network: NO WIRELESS COMMUNICATION COSTS! -Click for larger view
What if the client has no WiFi network in place?
KEYTROLLER offers our KEY-MESH WiFi "hot spot" system. Inexpensive and easy to set up it comes with 1 router and 2 repeaters which creates a "zone" of about 10000 square feet. The zone can be enlarged by adding additional repeaters.

How does it perform when an input is set as an alarm?
When the alarm input goes on/high it will send an email and/or XML data stream, the alarm counter will increment by one and the hour meter for that alarm begins counting telling you how long the alarm condition existed.

Does the CYBERWATCH LAN work with standard hour meter already on the vehicle?
This is a completely separate device from the existing hour meter, hour meter (usage) times should match when connected to same input as your existing conventional hour meter. You can set the CYBERWATCH LAN to the same current hour meter reading on the machine if you want so accumulative hours should match very closely. CYBERWATCH LAN reads accumulated time in hours and minutes and each hour meter will have an on counter---showing how many times the machine was turned on.

Can you set the program to email you as a certain number of hours is reached or alarm is raised?
No, but you can set up emails to be sent with hour meter/GPS information to be sent on a regularly scheduled basis. Alternatively you can send an xml data stream also on a scheduled basis. So if you want the info to be sent automatically every day at 5PM---you schedule this in each device's web set up.

What kind of scheduled data transmissions can be sent?
You can set it to send as shortly as once per minute, X# minutes or as little as once per day----at a time of your choosing.

What kind of info can a user see from an alarm---for example?
The input to the alarm MUST come on (go high) for 2 minutes before it creates an event----this is to prevent a false alarm. So for example if you had an input configured as an alarm and connect to a low oil warning light----after it sees the input go high for 2 minutes the device will:
  1. Send out an email to whomever is on the list. The email can be preconfigured---for example you know input #3 is connected to a low oil LED warning light---so you have the email read: WARNING ALARM ON! Low oil alarm on vehicle number B33 Cat F45H Forklift in Building 3. The email will be sent with that message. The device will now ad one to the counter---showing how many times this vehicle has had Low oil alarm on this Cat F45H forklift since the CYBERWATCH LAN was installed. It will also begin to accumulate time----so now you know how long the Cat F45H forklift was continuing to run with the Low Oil situation. The email can be received by a mechanic on his SMARTPHONE---he can simply click on the GPS coordinate location of that vehicle and see it on GOOGLE MAP/EARTH----and go straight to that location---no more hunting aimlessly for the vehicle. Once the oil level is refilled, the alarm goes off and another email goes out---that you also customize---something like: ALARM OFF!!! Low oil alarm on vehicle number B33 Cat F45H Forklift in Building 3.

Can a supervisor review the data later?
Yes, and they can see:
  1. Time/date when alarm initiated
  2. Time machine ran (hours and minutes) WITH LOW OIL
  3. How many times (counter) this vehicle has had a LOW OIL alarm condition
  4. Time/date when alarm cleared----how long it took the mechanic to fix it.
Besides the email and xml data transmissions, how else can a user view the hour meter information?
User can "see" into the device itself by connecting to each device's IP address---directly from any connected PC or smartphone
  1. Look at usage information (4 hour meters and 4 counters and alarms)
  2. Look at settings for hour meters or alarms
  3. Look at GPS information

How do you set the settings in each device?
Each device has it's own IP address. After it is configured to a wireless network, you can connect to that device's IP address and look into the device's web based configuration window. Here you can make changes to any settings see usage data and also see current GPS location of the device.

Is CYBERWATCH LAN a large and complicated install?
  • No, the WiFi and GPS antenna are inside the device which measures only: 4.53 x 3.54 x 2.17 in. (115.06 x 89.92 x 55.12 mm)
  • The device is connected to vehicle power and the 4 inputs to ignition and to any of the 3 other hour meter usage or alarm inputs you desire.

For more information about Keytroller's CYBERWATCH LAN -Click Here

For more information view website: or contact KEYTROLLER, LLC. 813-877-4500 or email: send a message, Click here to visit the KEYTROLLER ShopFront
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