Rocla’s automated guided vehicles increase paper mill productivity

Thursday, 19 September 2013 ( #634 )
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Portugal's leading paper and pulp producer, Portucel Soporcel Group, uses fully automated paper reel and pallet transportation and storage with 20 Rocla AGVs and an automated battery exchange station in its paper mill.

Portugal's leading paper and pulp producer, Portucel Soporcel Group, acquired an automated guided vehicle solution from Rocla for company's paper mill in Setúbal. This location is one of the world's largest paper mills for the production of high-quality office and printing papers.

There are 20 Rocla's automated guided vehicles transporting reels from intermediate storage to sheet cutting and taking pallets from sheet cutting to wrapping. The system also includes an automated battery exchange station (BES) and will be extended with 12 additional vehicles for the intermediate storage.

"After evaluating many AGV suppliers, we chose Rocla for their advanced technological solution and having the best total package," explains Portucel's Project Area Manager Mr. Carlos Lopes.

Once the vehicles were shipped to the paper mill, the reel logistics of the new converting plant were commissioned and interfaces with the mill's control systems and various machine lines were established as planned.

As production at the state-of-the-art paper mill started, fully automated reel logistics using the latest generation of Rocla AWTs and automated BES were also ready to automate production in the converting area.

Rocla has delivered over 7 000 AGVs so far worldwide with an emphasis on warehouse and logistic, production, paper industry and food & beverage. Rocla offers full line of modular automation solutions
that are serially
manufactured and tailored to the needs of customer applications. To customers this means exceptionally short delivery time, easy implementation and lower total cost of ownership. The payback time of investment is very short, for example in a 3-shift operation it can be less than a year.

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