BodyGuard proximity warning system improves safety in warehouses

Thursday, 14 June 2012 ( #569 )
Lower the risk of collision in your warehouse operation.

Improve safety for your staff and increase awareness of moving vehicles in shared work areas.

Orbit Communications is pleased to announce the introduction to the BodyGuard proximity warning system. The BodyGuard proximity warning system helps lower risk of collisions between forklifts and personnel in warehouses.

The new BodyGuard proximity warning system concept is very simple: Forklifts activate warning lights as they approach rows and walkway crossings. Staff in the area see the warning lamp and become aware of a forklift in the area and avoid walking into the path of the moving vehicle.

The system consists of a low cost transmitting unit fitted to the forklift that can be detected when they come in close proximity of a receiving unit.

The proximity warning distance between the forklift and receiving unit is programmable from a couple of metres to over 100 metres.

Each receiving unit has a switched output that typically operates a strobe warning lamp when a forklift is detected within the proximity detection zone. The switched outputs can be connected together such that a group of receiver units can control a common warning indicator or each receiving unit can control an individual warning lamp.

A solar powered version is available for outdoor pedestrian crossing areas. Receiving units can also be located at entry and exit points or blind corners to improve safety in these poor visibility areas that have higher risk of collision.

The BodyGuard proximity warning system is low cost, easy to install and no ongoing maintenance required. The BodyGuard proximity warning system is effective as it is localised to the specific area where the forklift is in close proximity to the required warning indication.

For further information please visit, email or call +61(2) 43 554 554.

Orbit Communications:
T: +61(2) 43 554 554

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