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FEM involved in market surveillance

Wednesday, 19 October 2011 ( #536 ) - Brussels, Belgium
The European Materials Handling Federation (FEM) is playing a key role in the European Commission's upcoming conference on machinery market surveillance. At the meeting on 24 November at the Albert Borschette Conference Centre in Brussels, Belgium, participants will discuss how EU member states, institutions and the materials handling industry can work together to strengthen market surveillance of non-compliant products. FEM spokesman Olivier Janin tells News that market surveillance must ensure equipment placed on the EU market is compliant with various regulatory requirements. "[The] reality is that there are more and more non-compliant products placed on the EU market, posing safety and environmental threats and creating unfair competition, with negative effects on compliant countries and the jobs they provide." "Conference participants will hear about the industry's concerns through practical examples showing how weak market surveillance can affect them and society in general. [They] will also learn about concrete initiatives taken by the industry to address the issues." Asked if China's role as a machinery manufacturer will be addressed, Janin says the conference will address compliance of "machinery placed on the market, wherever it has been manufactured". The European materials handling industry will be represented by four panelists: FEM president John Meale, Philippe Cohet from Manitowoc Crane Group, FEM former president Ambrogio Bollini and Mr Hänel from Hänel Gmbh & Co KG. Meale will moderate a panel on "Market surveillance to protect innovation", in which Cohet and Hänel will take part. Bollini will join a panel on "Market surveillance for growth, jobs and sustainability". Up to 300 people from the European machinery industry, member state market surveillance and customs authorities are expected to attend. Other speakers are from the Commission, European Parliament and the Market Surveillance Authorities. Best practice examples from the EU will be raised and the event concludes with the official launch of a common industry platform for market surveillance that will be a useful tool for the EU Market Surveillance Authorities to carry out their job. FEM is deeply involved in the "Market Surveillance Joint Industry Support Platform" initiative. Janin explains that the industry is aware of the technical difficulties linked to controlling machinery compliance and that regulations are varied and stem from numerous pieces of legislation. "Various machinery sectors, including FEM, have already taken action by producing technical guidance on checking compliance. "The platform's aim is to act as a resource database through a single access point for Market Surveillance Authorities and also market operators like importers and distributors. FEM is among the founding partners of this initiative, which shows that the industry is not just complaining - it is also taking action," Janin says. Anyone is free to join the conference. Registration is now open until 23 November. For more information, go to: