Modex 2012 exhibitor KEYTROLLER announces new KEY-LEASE program for its LCD601 wireless access monitoring system.

Thursday, 22 September 2011 ( #532 )

MODEX 2012 exhibitor Keytroller, LLC - manufacturer of access, monitoring and weighing devices for the forklift industry - announces a new KEY-LEASE program. The KEY-LEASE program is now available for its popular LCD601 wireless access monitoring system.

Now for only $30 per month (on a 72 month full payout $1 lease) your customer can significantly improve the safety and productivity of his operation.

KEYTROLLER'S leasing company (KEY-LEASE) is now approving 24-36---48-60 and 72 month leases on it's popular wireless color LCD device making it affordable and easily justifiable for nearly every application.

Typical sale nets selling dealer about $400 in commission-----PER UNIT. Plus installation costs (figure about 3-4 hours each)

Here's how our KEY-LEASE plan works:
  1. Dealer determines purchase price of the KEYTROLLER LCD device (Usually about $1650 each)
    (Price can include labor for install or install costs can be paid separately to the dealer-or end user can install themselves)
  2. Determine lease term (24 to 72 months)
    Go to: and input price for all devices (with or without labor).

  3. Click to view larger image
    Click to view larger image
  4. Monthly rate for complete cost is computed and shown. Full payout $1 is the only applicable rate
  5. End user applies on line using Apply Online Now link on this website
  6. KEY-LEASE responds with approval and lease rate and monthly payment based on creditworthiness of applicant (minimum 5 units per sale)
  7. End user applicant agrees to rate, payment and terms and lease is drawn up by KEY-LEASE
  8. End user applicant signs lease and devices placed on order. Dealer receives copy of all applicable charges.
  9. KEYTROLLER ships all devices to installing dealer
  10. Dealer completes installation of KEYTROLLER LCD units onto all forklifts
  11. KEYTROLLER immediately pays dealer applicable commission and installation costs
    (Typically $400 PROFIT PER UNIT for the hardware plus agreed to installation cost---if applicable)
  12. Best of all you have SIGNIFICANLY improved the safety and productivity of your customer's handling operation!!


At only $30 per month, this is a deal that will not only help your dealership sell KEYTROLLER devices---but help you sell more equipment!!

There is NEVER any charge for wireless communication----WiFi is free and standard on the LCD601!

Free tabletop demos available to qualified dealers. See for yourself why the COLOR LCD601 is the best value in the industry.

Click to view larger image
Click to view larger image

At Modex 2012 (February 6-9) Keytroller, LLC will showcase access and monitoring systems, weighing systems, automatic identification devices, computer hardware/software, control devices, hydraulic and electrical components, radio frequency identification equipment, data communications equipment and safety devices.

Visit Keytroller at Booth 912!

For more information view website: or contact KEYTROLLER, LLC. 813-877-4500 or email:

Click here to visit the KEYTROLLER ShopFront

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