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BOLZONI AURAMO AT PPI 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Thursday, 15 September 2011 ( #531 )
AR Paper Roll Clamp. Click to view larger image.
AR Paper Roll Clamp. Click to view larger image.
The Exhibition at PPI in Amsterdam 2011 represents a very important step forward for Bolzoni Auramo Group in its continuous effort in always finding the most proper answer to any sort of logistic and material handling demand in forest products handling. This year the exhibition will certainly represent a matter of great interest for all the forklift trucks operators. The Paper Handling Pioneer Bolzoni Auramo is well known for its expertise in paper handling equipment, and the company holds the market leader´s position in sales of paper handling tools in Europe. In the worldwide, Bolzoni Auramo has a special program for the paper industry to develop roll and bale handling into an efficient yet damage free operation. To come up with the best solutions, Bolzoni Auramo is closely co-operating with the paper industry worldwide in order to find innovative solutions for the forest products handling. Bolzoni Auramo ROLL CARE SYSTEM for paper roll handling "Damage free handling has always been our goal when developing new paper roll clamps" - says Lars Petersson, Bolzoni Auramo's Forest Products Handling Division Manager. "We have implemented an internal education program to give our sales force all around the world very high competence in paper handling. This action allows us to help and advice our customers in a professional way. How to select the right clamp for dedicated handling? What's the correct clamping force? What kind of contact pad is most suitable? These are the questions daily given to our sales force. We have the answers!" To reduce risks for paper damage in the logistic chain, Bolzoni Auramo offers a variety of optional damage-reduction and quality control tools. We also support our customers in using the tools and analysing the performance of the handling chain. With this information we can advise our customers in choice of clamp attachments and settings of clamping force. To further support our customers, we provide the widest program of clamp attachments for paper handling - this secures that the right clamp is always available. Bolzoni Auramo also offers to customer its "Driver Training Program". Aim of this program is to educate and inform how to reduce damage when handling paper rolls. Excessive clamping force is one of the most common causes of paper roll out-of-roundness damage. The varying paper grades roll weight and diameter plus the high value of the rolls themselves are all factors requiring an extensive control of clamping force on behalf of the operator. Our options are:
  • CTX, well proven, fully automatic computerized pressure control system for paper roll clamps.
  • FORCE MATIC, fully mechanical pressure control system to be applied to paper roll clamps in order to prevent overclamping causing roll out-of-roundness.
BC-PF Pulp  Bale Clamp. Click to view larger image.
BC-PF Pulp Bale Clamp. Click to view larger image.
During the PPI exhibition in Amsterdam we will show our knowledge as above, together with some of our most famous products inside Paper & Pulp handling.
  • Series BC clamps for handling of Pulp and Waste paper bales. Our latest bale clamp made for the toughest of applications in both pulp bale handling and waste bale handling. Designed for superior visibility and greater net truck capacity
  • AR series 180 degree Rotating Paper Roll Clamps Efficient paper roll handling with built-in damage prevention is a prime guideline for all Bolzoni Auramo paper roll clamps. AR series paper roll clamps are designed and engineered to have superior visibility, great rotating speed and to be operator friendly.
  • Our ROLL CARE SYSTEM, together with Driver Training Program will be shown during the exhibition.
Furthermore, on Wednesday, October 12, in the Exhibit Hall of PPI Transport Symposium 19, at 3:05-3.20 pm, the "Speaker Corner" will give Bolzoni Auramo the chance to inform delegates about efficient forest products handling, by improving the quality in handling and reducing product damage. Bolzoni Auramo is a market leader in the production of forklift truck attachments, lift tables and forks. The company has manufacturing plants in Italy, Germany, Finland, America and China and through its network of 17 direct branches and independent dealers covering all continents, it is able to satisfy all market requirements. World leader in the market of OEM factory installed products, Bolzoni Auramo is approved supplier for all main fork lift truck manufacturers. ISO 9001 Quality System certification proves Bolzoni Auramo's committment to continuous improvements in quality and efficiency in order to provide the best product and service support to customers worldwide. For more information please visit the Bolzoni Auramo stand (Transport Symposium 19 / Stand 211) or contact:
Bolzoni Auramo / Lars Petersson E-mail: Website: P.O.Box 78, 01511 Vantaa, Finland Tel: +46703848500
For more information on Bolzoni Auramo products visit, or Click to view the Bolzoni Auramo ShopFront

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